Quote of the day—Jake Charles

This past summer, the Supreme Court radically refashioned the Second Amendment. Blue states like New York scrambled to enact new gun safety laws to deal with the decision. Those measures are already falling like dominoes.

Jake Charles
October 7, 2022
The Supreme Court’s Big Second Amendment Decision Is Wreaking Havoc on Gun Safety Laws
[He says that like it is a bad thing. He can’t seem to understand that his naïve preferences for government power to violate the inalienable rights of the people don’t override the U.S. Constitution protections of those rights. Prejudice is such an ugly thing.

He lost all credibility when he refers to gun control laws as “gun safety laws”. It goes down from there.

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing he and his ilk are losing.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jake Charles

  1. “radically refashioned the Second Amendment”
    I don’t believe the wording of the amendment changed. He’s confused.

    • Good call. But I’m not convinced he’s confused. Yuri would probably diagnose him as completely subverted. A useful idiot.
      I just think he’s an evil asshole. How can one have the intellect to type on a keyboard, form sentences, and be that ignorant? And just outright lie to people that are that ignorant for money?
      We forget they get paid to lie like this. To sabotage the truth. They’re not worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

      • MTHead: I was trying to be civil. 🙂
        My Northern version of the Southern “Why, bless his heart”.
        Also, it seems many things forced upon me “for your safety” just piss me off.

        • Thanks Robert. Ya, thinking he or anyone else is going to keep us safe is quite humorous. In a murderous sort of way.
          All I can come up with is that they live in a really big bubble of stupid.

  2. “[…] the Supreme Court radically refashioned the Second Amendment […]” – Jake Charles

    Yeah… they radically refashioned it from what Jake (and the other people who have never read or understood the Constitution) wish it said, to what The People understood when they ratified it.

    Since there have been several Amendments to the US Constitution since that time, and none of them have touched on the wording of the Second Amendment other than to apply it to the States as well, it must mean the same thing it did at the beginning.

    I think the current majority on the SCOTUS has a better underlying principle they’re working from: if you want to change the law, you’ve actually got to go through the legislative process to change the law, not just get your pick-me lackeys at Miriam-Webster to change the dictionary.

  3. Gorbachev withdrawing from eastern Europe is already wreaking havoc on the Communist governments there.

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