Quote of the day—In Chains @InChainsInJail

We never claimed to be law-abiding.

Slaves were law-abiding.

We are peaceful.

Now, if you want to threaten our rights, our families, or our property, you can discover the limits of that peacefulness.

In Chains @InChainsInJail
Tweeted on June 14, 2022
[See also Huffman’s rule of firearm law.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—In Chains @InChainsInJail

  1. ”…if you want to threaten our rights, our families, or our property…”

    Yes, and…?

    They’ve been threatening those things for generations, and making good on the threats, having made great progress for over 100 years. Where ever your line in the sand was a generation ago, it has moved backward, and where ever it is today, it will have shifted back further still by next year.

    Such is the nature of Progressivism. At its leadership levels, the Romish left understands today’s QOTD better than any “conservative” understands it. Such understanding is the very basis for how they proceed; always pushing the limits of our collective tolerance, but never quite exceeding those limits. It is the very essence of the science of Progressivism.

    • True, the only thing that stops commies is death. But many times they hit an overreach.
      And this new AOC style, (we going on three generations of this stupidity),of progressive,(what a oxymoron), don’t have the patients of the older clan.
      Overreach is coming. Look at energy policy. That alone is going to be a very bad day for the progressive agenda.
      They can’t mine enough products to bring their vision to reality. Which will be a system collapse. All of their making.
      A 100,000,000 people with guns are only going to put up with so much un-reality in leadership.
      When progressive nudge becomes a push and shove. You shove back.
      And now that the right side media are calling them out as communist? It lays bare who they are, and what they want. And how it always ends.
      The American people are not as disposed to suffering, the way passed generations and other people have. As no matter the effort and death/psyops. They won’t give up their firearms. Which is progressive death.
      Communism can’t live in an armed society. Soon, they won’t be able to lord over us anymore.
      The best they can do is get us nuked. Which seems more in line with what satan wants anyway?

  2. As for the Huffman’s rule of firearms law. Good way to think of it. But in this day and age? I’m thinking it’s more like summary execution for both you and your pets.
    Maybe a flashbang in the kids crib for good measure.
    Prisons are far too nice for our kind. Thats where the commies house their friends, right?
    Not for us. J6er’s are still in solitary. Imagine what they would do to an explosives/gun nut like you?
    And what a waste of paperwork trying to drag my old ass to jail!
    Besides, jails cost money the libs can spend on more immigrants. So, I don’t see much jail time in the future for gun control victims.

  3. And despite the leftist threats, I expect the progressivism and discretionism to continue. It is the course of least resistance and can be done quietly and safely. And they work.

    Of the two discretionism is the more insidious. Decision makers and prosecutors use it to get around laws on the books including SOCUS decisions. And individuals use it to gum up the works.

    The question is who is better at using these tools? Law abiding or law breaking.

  4. Oh, my. Mr DeWare was trying to lay on a guilt trip by implying hypocrisy.
    Ooooh, how edgy he likely thought it would be.
    I can remember hippies in the early 70s referring to ‘guilt trips’ and this mental midget somehow believed he’s being ingenious.
    Shows the ‘progressive’ level of intellectual development; about that of a junior high schooler undergoing puberty.
    Same with their junior high school boy’s room level dick jokes.

  5. The criminal left don’t care if we are peaceful or not. They only care that we obey the edicts THEY hand out to us.

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