Support for ‘assault weapons’ ban hits all-time low following Uvalde shooting: Poll

New polling shows that support for an “assault weapons” ban in the United States has hit an all-time low despite calls from Democrats to implement a ban following a deadly mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

In a Quinnipiac University poll, conducted last week and published on Tuesday, 50 percent of registered voters support a nationwide ban on semi-automatic long guns compared to 45% who oppose which represents the lowest level of support since February 2013 when Quinnipiac began asking that question.

The highest level of support for the ban was 67% in February 2018, days after the Parkland school shooting that left 17 people dead.

From a legal and philosophical standpoint it doesn’t really matter if 99% of the population disagrees with you. And of course just because 99% of the population is totally convinced the earth is flat does not mean that it is flat.

But from a practical standpoint it sure helps if the number of people in opposition are relatively low. That only 50% of the population is in favor of violating our right to keep and bear modern sporting rifles and the trend is in our favor is good news. It will make it easier to get court decisions in our favor and to get legislators and politicians in the executive branch to stand up to the criminals. And ultimately, with enough support, to prosecute the criminals who have infringed upon our specific enumerated rights.

We are winning.


5 thoughts on “Winning

  1. No.
    He who counts the Votes Decides the Winner.
    We wont be counting the votes😂

  2. University poll? The commies couldn’t get better numbers than that at a university? They truly are screwed.
    It seems American genetics is trumping communist brainwashing?
    And appears 15-20 years in the yellow bus gulag still isn’t getting it done?
    No wonder the WHO is desperate to alter our genetics!
    Go revver nation!

  3. We’re not really winning until fewer people support a ban than oppose it. If your favorite sports team loses to another team 80-30 early in the season, and then later on faces that team again and loses 60-55, that shows dramatic improvement … but they still lost.

    I will concede we are turning tides and gaining ground. That is for sure, and I expect sooner or later (hopefully sooner) the numbers will flip. But we’re not there yet.

    What’s interesting to me is, support for a renewed AWB was high after Parkland. It was high after Newtown, CT, too. A nationwide ban didn’t pass in either case (some states tightened restrictions, but others didn’t). Now, after Buffalo and Uvalde, support is significantly lower. Why the change?

    Have more people realized that banning property doesn’t stop violence? Have moderates and non-affiliated voters become so disillusioned with the Left (which may or may not be because of our current President’s follies) that they’re just not listening anymore? Or something else entirely?

  4. The criminal commie left doesn’t care what the “polls” say about guns, crime or gun bans anymore than they care what the “polls” say about their popularity. They are LARGE AND IN CHARGE. And they intend to stay there no matter how much cheating will be required. And they fully intend to disarm us so that we can’t threaten their illegal illegitimate grasp on power. TINVOWOOT

  5. This shows the ‘will’ of the people?
    While I’m encouraged by this, I have zero faith or trust in the ability of our representatives to actually act on anything but their own corrupt and illegal agenda.

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