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To begin with, the shitty, corrupt system that’s been in place since 1913, which is the ultimate Ponzi scheme- is finished.

In 2015 I listed several scenarios which could torpedo the dollar:

–China announces the yuan will be a gold-backed currency

–China announces they will no longer accept dollars for international commerce

–Saudi Arabia (now heavily backed by China) announces they will no longer accept dollars for oil

–China and Russia announce they’re dumping all US debt instruments

I was wrong; our leaders created a situation where bullets 2-4 have happened, or will soon.  And ironically enough, Russia just backed the ruble with gold, so bullet one is somewhat covered.

In short order, our phony leaders have basically forced China, Russia, India and even Pakistan to join up, and permanently yank the carpet from under the fiat-money banking system that the globalists base their power on.

No bullshit, that’s just the truth.

Capitalist Eric
March 31, 2022
Crash Positions
[Via Rolf on Gab.

Very grim. I wish I could refute his conclusions. Perhaps some economists could do that but the list of economists I don’t trust is much larger than the list I do trust.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Folks, you write and think as if you are living in rational world. You are not. these people are enacting Cloward/Piven on steroids. It is their intention to bring it all down. They will then attempt to enact systems that will “fix” the problems and it will. The problem that they don’t have enough control. They will issue a fully controlled electronic currency, they will enact a global electronic passport system likely using healthcare as the impetus. By these two initiatives alone they will control you. They will control healthcare, food, travel and communication.

    If you aren’t fighting now, you will be fighting later. I’m working on election issues which are in worse shape than most people can imagine. Others are working on COVID related issues. Some are trying to help expose the corruption. There is work to do in exposing the problems in the financial sector and it’s looking like there are more issues with 5G than most people would expect. Somebody needs to be working on decentralized communication/internet solutions.

    There is much to do. If YOU aren’t doing something. Get with it.

    • Part of me thinks the same, but in the end I don’t think the care.

      It is all a game to those who are insulated from consequences.

      Unless our politicians, beurocrats, academics, press, etc suffer direct un painful consequences for malfeasance and incompetence little will change.

  2. Right now, we have an American dominated world order. But that has to change for there to be a one world order.
    In construction we use to have a saying. One oh shit, will wipe out a whole list of atta-boys.
    Our list of oh shits in just the last year is how long? None of this is coincidence.
    Soon no one will trust us. Then everything capitalist eric is talking about and a few things he missed will be at America’s doorstep.
    The things are being done on propose. What no one will tell you is that the big change isn’t going to work any better than the last version of windows.
    Alex Jones is a prophet. So is Lyle. Cough, cough, spit.
    These are the good old days, I fear. Glad I’m short.

  3. China and/or Russia backing their currency by gold? I don’t think so. As they say in Wikipedia, “Citation needed”.
    Communist countries are dependent more than any others on being able to pretend their money is worth something. Real as opposed to fiat money is the last thing they want.

    • 5,000 Rubles to the gram, gold. Russian oil must be purchased in either or both.
      Started by Russia about a month ago as an answer to sanctions. And it’s working exactly as planned. The Ruble has already recovered.
      And America/EU look like the morons we are.

      • Russia has also imposed strict currency controls and other measures, such as a 20% interest rate. You can manipulate the value of currency quite easily in those circumstances.

        The real value of a currency is determined by what happens in a free market, or, since the ruble cannot be officially traded freely (currency controls), what is its value on the black market. What’s the black market value of the ruble right now? Anyone? Bueller?

        We saw this with Venezuela pegging its currency officially, but it trading far below that value on the black market.

        Until the Ruble trades freely, and until anyone can go into a bank in Russia and exchange rubles for gold, it’s all just noise.

        Eventually, the dollar will fall from grace, but right now there is no freely traded viable alternative.

        China pegs the value of the Yuan to the dollar based on what works for them at the time, and manipulate it up and down, and Russia is corrupt as hell. The oligarchs use dollars not rubles for a damn good reason.

        And yes, the fed does just print money here, but the market as a whole as already costed that in. Just look at the rise in stock prices over the last few years.

        Bottom line is that I see the chances of a major upset to the dollar in the next 5 years as very slim, and 10 years as unlikely, absent the world going to hell in such a way that there is no dominant currency. Beyond that, who knows.

      • So can I exchange rubles for gold? The fact that they accept payment for oil in either gold or rubles doesn’t make rubles a hard currency, not unless it’s freely convertible.

        • Black market or no.
          Russia was cut out of the SWIFT system so that the ruble could not be traded for dollars, with which to settle trades. They have a right to coin money, and regulate the value thereof. And if you want to buy oil from Russia, why would Russia give a crap about oil priced in dollars? You cut them out of the dollar system. That means yourselves out of their system to.
          China wants to buy US oil, they pay in dollars. It’s not priced in gold. Because there is only our word behind it, like it or not.
          If you want Russian oil. You pay in rubles. Which are set in Russia set at 5,000 to the gram gold.
          Who will win in the end? My money goes on the side with actual things to sale. And who can bring them to market.
          Right now about all we have to export is dollars. You can’t maintain a society on those. Just watch.

  4. ” To begin with, the shitty, corrupt system that’s been in place since 1913, which is the ultimate Ponzi scheme- is finished.”

    First I’d say that if you’re starting it at 1913 you’ve been missing the point. It’s been around since Cain murdered Able. But, anyway, No, Young Grasshopper. This s#!tty, corrupt system is only just now getting going in earnest as a truly global system. One of its operating mottos, you will remember, is Ordo Ab Chao (“from chaos, order”). The chaos they’re orchestrating and fomenting today is necessary to justify their order of tomorrow. In the lyrics of the stupid (popular) song of yesteryear, “You ain’t seen notnin’ yet. B, b, b, Baby you just ain’t seen n, n, n, nothin’ yet!”

    The second beast of Revelation causes all the world to glorify (wonder after) the first beast. America as we once knew it therefore must be brought down several notches, such that the old power of the Dark Ages can be elevated to prominence as the world’s ultimate moral, spiritual and civic authority (the Pontifex Maximus restored). The original role of the U.S. as a sort of moral leader in the world, with her principles of liberty rooted in her humble Protestant (i.e. Biblical) background thus leading to prosperity, is and always has been a serious problem for the beast system. Therefore that role is specifically what needs to be ended, stuffed in a gunnysack with some heavy rocks and thrown in a deep river. Furthermore I’d say that such an ending is coming along quite brilliantly, wouldn’t you? And so it appears that everything is on-track.

  5. Yep, we have not seen nothing yet, but as Adam Smith said “there is a lot of ruin in a country”. The decent will be long, slow, and painfull. In the meantime, there is still a game to be played with the end nowhere in sight. I suspect that many, if not most, of us will not be around to witness it.

  6. The dollar is doomed. Has been for some time now but some times it takes a long time for the body to crash to the ground. Historically the only answer to this for a country seeking to save it’s currency is war. And the criminal left have been stumping hard to start one.

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