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There was an enormous analysis effort going again many years to find out whether or not gun management measures work. A 2020 evaluation by the RAND Company, a nonprofit analysis group, parsed the outcomes of 27,900 analysis publications on the effectiveness of gun management legal guidelines. From this huge physique of labor, the RAND authors discovered solely 123 research, or 0.four %, that examined the results rigorously. Among the different 27,777 research could have been helpful for non-empirical discussions, however many others have been deeply flawed.

We took a have a look at the importance of the 123 rigorous empirical research and what they really say in regards to the efficacy of gun management legal guidelines.

The reply: nothing. The 123 research that met RAND’s standards could have been one of the best of the 27,900 that have been analyzed, however they nonetheless had critical statistical defects, similar to a scarcity of controls, too many parameters or hypotheses for the information, undisclosed knowledge, faulty knowledge, misspecified fashions, and different issues.

April 1, 2022
Do Studies Show Gun Control Works? No.
[The content is interesting but it is like the text was automatically translated to another language then back to English. For example, “Gun management” in the article really means “gun control”.

Related to this is the FBI Uniform Crime Reports has become, for all intents and purposes, useless:

Nearly 16,000 agencies in the U.S. (15,897) reported crimes to the FBI in 2020. 

Updated numbers the FBI released to us Thursday, show only 11,920 police agencies remain for 2021.

That’s nearly 4,000 police agencies dropping out.

Prosecutors are quitting because they are overwhelmed by backlog of cases, the police aren’t reporting information to the FBI. The prisons released people because of the pandemic, it’s almost like government is falling apart, or else deliberately signaling to the criminal class that it’s open season on ordinary people.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. RAND is one of a number of ‘non-profits’ that are provided funding for the work they do mostly by the government knowed as Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).. In other words they are not a neutral group – you get what you pay for!

  2. The largest case study of modern society and firearms has already been done. And is still ongoing.
    It’s called “constitutional carry”.
    Being an absolute grand success by every metric ever used. The empirical data it provides is as conclusive as how gravity works. No further study needed.
    From Switzerland to Idaho. Defense with firearms in the hands of common people. Works. For everyone but government and criminals.
    But since it doesn’t fit the narrative, it can’t be correct.
    This seems to be another one of those times when the government just can’t get the science it paid for.

  3. Yes, the language struck me as odd, too, and a AI translation there and back again would do things like that; a mix of high-falutin’ and close-but-not-quite word choice glitches. That aside, yes, most of the research is very poor, and even the best of it is pretty flawed, with a handful of notable exceptions like John Lott’s work that resulted in “more guns, less crime.”

    The number of law enforcement groups dropping out of reporting to the FBI is interesting, and concerning. The biggest questions that immediately pop into my mind are “which ones, and why?” If it’s all small rural places strapped for money, it’ll have a lot less effect in skewing the results than if it’s mostly cities who are terrified to report the jumps they are seeing.

    • A lot of the UCR,(Universal Crime Report). That is suppose to be done to for FBI yearly is just passed over by ignorance or incompetent staff in many police stations.
      And lying through stats is one of the major problems. Example; Whites, Hispanic, and Latino were considered the same race under UCR guidelines for the passed 25 years. No reason to guess why!
      And if you don’t report any crime for a couple of years. Your city mayor can claim to have the safest city in America!
      In so. Oregon we witnessed the homeless junkie population murdering seniors for their pain-meds by OD-ing them. Quess how that got reported?
      Like I said before. Constitutional carry is all they need to know.

  4. The um, whatchamacallit class* is the natural ally of the ah, ah, you know, the thing** class.



  5. AnarchoTyranny. Refuse to prosecute crimes committed by “special” groups but crucify ANYONE who opposes you in any way for the tiniest violations of the most inconsequential (and often unconstitutional) laws.

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