3 thoughts on “Up is down, truth is false

  1. If the “Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence” is a civil rights organization, then so is the “Campaign to End Women’s Suffrage” and the “Appeal to Restore Voluntarily Contracted Indentures”.

  2. Yes, well it suggests that evil knows it is evil, and that it isn’t openly or generally wanted in our society, for otherwise why bother making up lies for cover, pretending to be good? It is very rare to find an instance of an evil person or evil organization NOT pretending to be good in some way, to garner acceptance.

    I submit that evil longs for a time when it can “let it all hang out” and never again have to worry about maintaining its cover. Evil having to act good all the time is, I would think, extremely demeaning to those that love evil.

    That would explain a lot of the clearly pro-criminal rhetoric and behavior of the Romish left. They seem to be personally insulted that a criminal should have to sneak around, hide in the shadows, and be subject to ostracism, arrest and punishment and all the rest. It just isn’t fair. It isn’t “justice”.

    And so of course they’re going to be vehemently opposed to self defense of any kind, and most especially opposed to the best means of self defense!

    And this, I submit, can all be distilled down to the mind of Cain, Cain’s presumption, and jealousy, and his act of fratricide which resulted, and then the “mark of Cain” afterwards. It’s worth knowing. Everyone knows of the basic story, but few have considered the full scope of its meaning, and its relevance to our time.

  3. As an “educational fund” of course it will be relying on the coercively funded government education complex to spread its message, and furthermore it will indeed gain inroads that are all but closed off to those who advocate for liberty. These anti-libertarian, anti-American associations are those who teach those who train the teachers who indoctrinate your children. They also teach those who teach many of the up-and-coming politicians. And it only takes a few of them to make a huge and long-lasting impact.

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