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Blue America offers to Red nothing but scorn, contempt, hatred, insult, humiliation, calumny, outsourcing, open borders, layoffs, lower wages, opioids, losing wars, censorship, trumped-up treason accusations, surveillance, anarcho-tyranny, pre-trial detention, mask mandates, lockdowns, Critical Race Theory, and cancellation. And then not only gets enraged when Red America objects, but demands Red reverence and gratitude in return.

Michael Anton
Blue America’s Messaging Problem
January 4, 2022
[There is more than a little truth in this.—Joe]


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  1. In other words blue America views red America as the deplorables.

    Unfortunately, there is also some truth in this, since the elite in blue America is largely the technological best and brightest from red America. Just 60 years ago everyone was just an American when Kennedy called for the best and brightest and set in motion the process that would self select the elite for blue America from those who had the ‘drive and technological skills’ leaving red America behind.

    Central to this process was the rejection of all values and traditions. Of course, some are now experiencing buyers remorse. Blue America, and its carpetbaggers, have gone too far and threw out the baby with the bathwater! Perhaps we can recover some what was valuable, but we and our world has changed.

    • A minor quibble, but I’d hesitate to say that a handful of IT billionaires, most of whom came from elitist roots to begin with, are the “best and brightest.”

      • +1 Defens, I’ll not disagree that there are some smart people in the IT and many other industries in the blue zones. But I believe the general population would be shocked at how smart people in the “deplorable zones” are. I know loggers, farmers, and construction workers that have to be super smart to not only make money but do it in a manner which is safe for themselves and coworkers. These are environments in which the average city slicker would be seriously injured or dead within a half day without some serious restraints placed on their activities.

        Life is much easier in the cities. The stupid people go to the cities because survival, let alone prosperity, is more difficult in the country and small towns. This increases the average IQ in the red zones and decreases it in the blue zones. Yes, there are some smart people moving in the same direction but I’m betting there are 10 below average IQ people moving that direction for every one above average person moving that direction.

    • But we have the tech now. And we can use it to revitalize small town America. Small hometown businesses can sale their products all over the world now. Were no longer dependent on a total local economy to survive.
      We just need to remove the communist insurgence that plagues America. The vaxx mandates are a god-send in that regard.
      It was always going to be a long train of abuses and usurpation. But the indignation is rising.
      And thank god the American strain of communism is the weakest variant when it comes to actually doing the wet-work.

      • I thought this 25 years ago when I was selling my software everywhere (including Africa, ME, Russia, China, … – at first I was so excited that I was putting a pin in a map for every sale), but like so many others I ended up in Seattle.

        I do agree that the potential is still there, but I am not that optimistic that small town America will see their fortunes substantially improve for some of the reasons that I mention above. As a first step it would be good if they just got the high speed internet so often promised which would allow remote WFH. However, is that just not spreading the disease?

        And we’re still facing the end of work as we know it with automation becoming more and more capable.

  2. And exactly what were we expecting from the self-entitled, spoiled ass brats of American communism?
    That’s what you get after 3 generations have gone through the Margue de Sade educational system. And came out with masters in self-abuse. We should always remember, after 10 years bad habit are now lifestyles. No matter how destructive.
    And not like we had a lot of choice in the matter. We still let it happen.
    So channeling Will Rogers, let’s be glad we didn’t get all we paid for!

  3. All of that, while Blue America is significantly dependent on Red America, and Red America would thrive in the total absence of Blue America. I think it is that, right there, what makes them hate us so much and makes them so willing to lie about us.

    If you want to drive a typical leftist into instant fits of rage and hate, suggest that he rely solely on his own talents in a free market (without help from his teachers union or his government-created niche, or coercive redistribution, subsidies of any kind, or etc., etc.). We’ve seen it happen to the nicest, even-tempered leftists, like flipping a switch.

    But we should be careful in characterizing right and left, or red and blue. The great controversy of this world is much more important and more meaningful than silly, often quite flexible, political labels. The real conflict is between Christ’s people and Christ’s enemies.

    • Ditto. The world of imagination does not does not easily translate into to reality. It is one thing to imagine that you can feed yourself with a beautiful garden and finding yourself with a field of weeds, diseased plants, and outright failures. Likewise, that beautiful widget you imaged not only does not work but it is ugly too.

  4. I’m a USAF (former) officer.

    I’m also a current Scoutmaster.

    I’m not recommending any young people pursue a military career. And if they are inclined, I’m offering a lot of advice as caveats.

    I am heartbroken about this. I want to send good young men and women off to realize that they are not the center of the universe, and there is a center of the universe that they need to dedicate themselves to, and we as a society can reap the benefits of those young people getting their heads on straight and thinking of more than themselves.

    But we can’t trust the US military to do that any more. If they get in, then they have to get out into the Guard as fast as they can. There are too many political shitbags in the chain of command.

  5. This is why we must separate. The long chain of abuses that drove the Founders to separate is nothing compared to the abuse we have taken from the Democrat Archipelago.

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