Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

I think it’s accurate to call #Jan6 an “insurrection.”

Unfortunately, the protesters at the capitol were not able to stop the insurrection and the vote was certified.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on January 8, 2022
[I really laughed at this one.

Nineteen minutes later he followed up with:

I declare my right, as a citizen of the United States, to label the 2020 election illegitimate based on a lack of transparency.

An election that can’t be fully audited — by design — must bear the full presumption of fraud.

So, it wasn’t only a joke. Okay, that’s fair.—Joe]


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  1. I disagree in the same vein. The last election was the most transparent election fraud the world has ever seen.
    Having police escort pole watcher from the buildings, covering windows, then bring out the extra Biden ballots?
    Shutting down media coverage. Lying in the most obvious manner. Violating every standard and several laws only to have a bunch of their black robed buzzards tell us there is nothing to see folks. Move along.
    W-T-F wasn’t transparent?
    Pedo-Joe even said they had created the best election fraud team they could find. What if Trump had said that, then won? We let it go because it was just senile old Diaper-Joe with crap running out both ends again.
    He’s the most transparent lying communist the world has ever seen!
    That’s why he campaigned from his basement.
    The problem was the reaction. Big flat nothing.
    J6? What a joke! Anyone thinking they’re going to stop communist with peaceful protest is only joking themselves.
    They don’t care what you say or think. As long as you get on the cattle car.
    They been going at America for over a 100 years now. There is nothing they won’t say or do. The problem is in the way we react.
    We just ain’t pissed-off enough yet. We’ll see?

    • Indeed. They won’t like what happens when they flip that switch from “Acquiesce” to “Fight Back and hold nothing in reserve”.

  2. The bit about transparency reminds me of a comment I’ve made several times. For an election to be considered legit by the people, it isn’t sufficient for it to be honest. It must also be seen to be honest, obviously honest, by Joe Average Sixpack and his less educated friends. If the guy flipping hamburgers or mopping the floors in the local high school can’t understand why the vote is correct, you don’t have an election that has the trust of the people.

    This is why “voting machines”, of any kind, ever, cannot possibly form a part of a trusted election. There’s no way for Joe Sixpack (and typically no way for Fred Software Engineer, either) to know that a tally reported by a “voting machine” has any connection to reality. If a vote isn’t recorded on a paper ballots, by marks that can be read and counted by an ordinary citizen with no other tools than functioning eyeballs and a reasonably adequate brain, you don’t have an election.

    As I understand it, NH requires voting to be by paper ballot. They can be machine-readable mark ballots, but if necessary they can be recounted by Mark 1 Eyeball. This is the correct technique, the only one. Unfortunately there isn’t a national mandate for this approach, and the Dems aren’t likely ever to support one.

    • Any national rule about elections should include paper ballots and retention laws.

  3. The “Insurrection” occurred the morning of Nov 4 2020 when all those fraudulent ballots were hauled off the semis and “counted”. Jan 6 was merely a protest….nothing more. Sadly it was twisted into something else by the criminal left and their complicit media whores.

    • Sadly it [J6] was twisted into something else by the socialist insurrectionists and their complicit media whores.

      There. FTFY.

  4. I’ve been seeing bumper stickers around town saying something to the effect of, make buying a gun as hard as it is to vote.

    Okay I’m all for that.

    In-person ballot pickup as voting only. ID presented and verified against an eligibility database. Can’t actually vote until the eligibility check clears. Might have to wait a bit if the system is slow. If the check is denied because of fraud, you can be arrested.

    • I’m quite in favor of — though not “all for” — the alternative, too.

      Show up to exercise your right, give your name, get your gun. Identity taken at your word alone (no ID required). Anonymous selection; not only is nobody allowed to know which gun you picked, registration is out of the question. Nobody questions — and in fact many welcome — boxes of extra guns “mysteriously” arriving in the middle of the night. Suspicions of potential fraud get dismissed out of hand as “baseless”.

      Or better yet, absentee gun ownership. Sign up with the county, who determines eligibility, and then they mail it to your doorstep. Better yet, partner with the DMV so that your eligibility is re-upped automatically every time you renew your driver’s license, and they just keep mailing guns to you.

      I have very few problems with this. 🙂

      The people who put up those bumper stickers and sound bytes — “Make buying a gun as hard as x.” — have no idea of the actual process of legally buying a gun. It’s amusing how many have been “red pilled” when they try, doubly so when they publicly document their purchase “just to show how easy it is”. 🙂

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