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Clearly the First Amendment doesn’t restrict an Ivy League seat-warmer from dishing out inane dorm room “wisdom” about topics he clearly doesn’t understand. We hate to break it to you, David, but enumerated rights limit what the government can do, not citizens.

Oh, and no one has a “right” not to be shot. Unlike keeping and bearing arms, “not being shot” doesn’t make an appearance in the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere else in the Constitution for that matter.

You have no exemption from being perforated. Not by criminals. Not by the government. Not even by yourself, if you’re careless enough.

Americans with IQs above room temperature increasingly understand that nothing stops bad people with evil in their hearts like a good guy with a gun. That’s why, even in states with extremely restrictive gun control laws, firearm sales remain at or near record high rates.

John Boch
December 29, 2021
David Hogg is Confused: None of Our Rights Are Absolute
[This is in reference to this tweet by David Hogg. He says:

The second amendment is not an absolute right. None of our rights are.

We have a right to not be shot.

Boch is being too kind. Hogg has been thoroughly schooled many, many times on this and closely related topics. He choses to continue tweeting the falsehoods. That makes it lying, not confusion.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Boch

  1. I would have simply retorted that your right not to be shot isn’t an absolute right.

  2. The appropriate response to the original statement is: “David who?”

    His fifteen minutes of fame were up a long, long time ago. If he wants us to pay attention to him, let him do something new and interesting.

  3. He is the Greta Thunberg for the Second Amendment and probably for the same reasons and similarly manufactured by loading him up with someone else’s half-baked ideas with their leaps in logic.
    A one-trick pony. As Daniel Schwartz says, let him do something new and interesting.

    • Exactly.

      As Joe says;
      “Hogg has been thoroughly schooled many, many times on this and closely related topics.”
      Yes, he’s been schooled by the Romish leftist agitators. Hogg is an actor. A paid social lobbyist. He has a job to do. Even if he doesn’t do it well it is his job to lie and that’s what he’s going to do, no matter what.

      Trying to “convince” such a person otherwise is like trying to convince an advertising agency to start publicly denouncing their clients. They’d be ruined.

      So it’s not as though we’d be educating and instructing someone like Hogg or Thunberg (or any among millions of others) in matters of truth, but rather it’s that we’d be destroying their careers.

      Forget what’s true or false, right or wrong, constructive or destructive. To those people you are a threat to the livelihoods of their employers. The loyalty of the minions of evil is thus assured, regardless of any witty or lofty notions of right and wrong, or of whose property is destroyed, or who lives or dies and under what standards.

      Therefore people in Hogg’s position have no choice. Once their public identity is established, it may even be a matter of life and death for them in terms of whether they stick to the script. You don’t become a spokesman for the Mob, accepting their money and perks and becoming famous at their hand, and then recant and start exposing them for the lying satanic scum they are, without consequences.

      Keep in mind, next time you’re talking with one of them, that they may actually be under duress of one kind of another. It’s not as though all citizens of Babylon are enthusiastic about serving the bitch.

  4. Desperately seeking relevance, again there Mr. Hogg?
    Gun control itself is a dead issue. And has been for quite some time. Except for the occasional zombies of it do make themselves known from time to time.
    You can’t fight over a 100 million people with guns. (And gaining daily.)
    But as we see. There will always be someone desperately trying to make a living by banning them.
    I would have pity on him. Moron that he is. But he wore that out to!
    And Happy New Year! Here’s to thinking this will be the year the communist get a clue!!???

  5. Does Hogg also think we have a right not to be strangled, beaten, or stabbed to death? Or is he too mentally crippled to even realize these are possibilities – especially for the disarmed? No matter what he thinks, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police are not obligated to protect us from violence, so there is no enforceable right.

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