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For good reason, there’s no parent anywhere who believes that any “expert” knows what’s better for their kids than they do. Parents of course will rush to seek out a medical expert when a child is sick, or has a learning disability, or is depressed, or mired in a hundred other dilemmas. Even through these inevitable terrifying crises of child rearing, however, all parents are alike in being animated by the absolute certainty — and they’re virtually always right in this — that no one loves their children more than they do, or worries about them more, or agonizes even a fraction as much over how best to shepherd them to adulthood happy and in one piece.

Implying the opposite is a political error of almost mathematically inexpressible enormity. This is being done as part of a poisonous rhetorical two-step. First, Democrats across the country have instituted radical policy changes, mainly in an effort to address socioeconomic and racial disparities. These included eliminating standardized testing to the University of California system, doing away with gifted programs (and rejecting the concept of gifted children in general), replacing courses like calculus with data science or statistics to make advancement easier, and pushing a series of near-parodical ideas with the aid of hundreds of millions of dollars from groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that include things like denouncing emphasis on “getting the right answer” or “independent practice over teamwork” as white supremacy.

Matt Taibbi
December 28, 2021
The Democrats’ Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump
[Via email from John S.

Taibbi has a point. Politicians can falsely claim to be a climate, crime, or economics expert and the average voter isn’t going to offer stiff resistance to that claim. But if a politician claims high school graduation shouldn’t depend upon proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic you are going to get their attention. It’s something everyone capable of reading is going to have a fair amount of expertise in. And the ruination of our education system has reached the point where it’s impossible to ignore.

The remarkable thing is that when called out on this the politicians don’t admit they were wrong. They double down. From the same Taibbbi article:

When criticism ensued, pundits first denied as myth all rumors of radical change, then denounced complaining parents as belligerent racists unfit to decide what should be taught to their children, all while reaffirming the justice of leaving such matters to the education “experts” who’d spent the last decade-plus doing things like legislating grades out of existence. This “parents should leave ruining education to us” approach cost McAuliffe Virginia, because it dovetailed with what parents had long been seeing and hearing on the ground.

Similar examples could be presented from Democrat attitudes regarding defunding the police, gun control, and failure to secure the border.

This hubris will be their undoing. But will it occur soon enough?—Joe]


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  1. Maybe we should go a bit farther and say it’s a crisis of professionalism? As more and more of the degreed class sell themselves for profit in the most vulgar ways.
    People notice.
    Do you believe that government has your best interest in mind and that those running it are super high IQ, got it all under control types?
    Not anymore.
    When your doctor won’t give you $5 worth Ivermectin for the Covid-flu. But instead wants to know if your depressed or feeling suicidal? (No doc, homicidal at this point). So they can write you a scirpt for anti-depression meds.
    When the so-called experts are telling us that carbon dioxide is poison and trapping heat on the planet. And every storm that blows through is somehow my and my SUV’s fault.
    Gone to a court seeking justice lately?
    Tell me what professional you can get a truly professional answer from these days? To illustrate, Go ask a someone with a degree in quantum mechanics to explain how the universe works? And afterward you’ll be asking yourself why I need this guy? He’s getting how much to do what?
    It seems obvious that something is killing the professional class to squeeze the last drop of profit out before the great reset.
    People won’t know whom to ask or believe when this is all over. And I just can’t get passed it’s being done on purpose for a very twisted reason.
    “This hubris will be their undoing.” Is probably going to go a lot deeper than we can imagine.

    • Re quantum mechanics, if you typed in your comment on a computer you used the results of QM at least once today.

      Most (good) physicists will in fact tell you we don’t really know how the universe works, rather we have some mathematics that seems to approximate its behavior reasonably well, within certain limits. They will also tell you there’s a lot we don’t know yet.

      Would you prefer that honest answer, or a confident-sounding lie?

      Not trying to be a jerk, here; every field has professionals, and those claim to be. How that difference manifests will vary from field to field.

    • If you seek concrete answers that are frequently correct but limited in scope ask an experienced working engineer, not to be confused with a manager who has a degree in engineering, a question related to their specialty. The structure stands or falls, the aircraft flies or doesn’t, the engine works or self destructs based on their calculations, discrimination, ingenuity, and experienced judgment. The key is the limited scope a competent engineer will pronounce upon. If our gubermint would limit it’s scope to it’s proper and lawful Constitutional bounds as envisioned by the framers the vast majority of our problems would have never occurred or could be quickly solved today. Cut gubermint budgets by 75% and our nation would thrive!

  2. It will not happen as soon as I would like, but people are starting to say no to these stupid ideas and to see the disconnect between what our elites are pushing and reality. And we need to push back even more.

    Just as an example (personally way too close), we’ve already seen the elites claim that every extreme weather event is due to global warming. And that includes the Boulder fires that occurred yesterday. I grew up in Boulder and still have relatives in the area (they are all OK, but some of them were told to prepare for evacuation).

    If someone brings this up try this argument: in the last 50 years developers have planted square miles of houses along the normally dry front range that is subject to 100mph + winds every winter/spring.

    Point out that each of these housing developments are, in reality, a dead forest planted in a treeless fire prone area. An average 2600 square foot house needs 22 80′ foot mature pines just for the framing. Add in siding, roof, hardwood floors, cabinets and interiors could easily double that to 44 or more trees on a zero line lot.

    Yesterday, parts of that dead forest burned with lighting speed. It did not take climate change to cause it.

  3. Yes we have achieved a third-world country status, in that we now have our very own president-in-exile!

    Well, certainly, if the result of the extreme lunacy of the left is to bring back Trump, or any Republican, then nothing will have been “undone” as you suggest.

    To wit; the Republicans have, ostensibly, been opposing the Democrats for over 150 years, and all that while the nation has been heading in the direction of that lunacy (Romish authoritarianism in opposition to Protestantism and liberty).

    In other words and in the macro scale the Republicans have done nothing, and they have a long and proven track record of doing nothing. If one and a half and counting isn’t enough, how many centuries of proof do you need?

    I know I’m not the only one who understands the Dialectic Method (I’m not its inventor, after all), but sometimes it feels like no one around me wants to acknowledge it. Once you see that the job of the Democratic Party, and its spin-off, radical Marxist, psychotic organizations and movements, is to make the Republicans look good by comparison, only then can you begin to understand what’s been going on (and what’s being done to you personally as well).

    Hint; in relation to the purported founding principles of this country, the Republicans would never look good, at all, in any way, without the Democrats being there to serve as a worse alternative. Indeed, Republicans by themselves would look like radical, crazy, loony, psychotic Marxists. The two parties need each other to effectively destroy this nation and erase and discredit the very principles of liberty as being obsolete. One party to propose the craziest bullshit imaginable, and the other to pretend to oppose them and then offer something somewhat less crazy which is what they all wanted in the first place! Then pat themselves on the back for being skilled statesmen. Then do it again, and again and again…

    And if the frog-in-the-pot principle is the working principle here (and you know that it is), then the Republicans are necessary to keep the heat turned down to just the right temperature and thus ensure the frog’s demise! And the Dialectic Method ensures that WE SUPPORT THIS.

    Thesis — whacky leftist extreme crazy
    Antithesis — sharp opposition to the extremism
    Synthesis — implementation of a moderated version of the crazy, and we celebrate it as though it were a victory

    It works every time. The “good” cop and the “bad” cop. They’re a team.

    Remember the big outrage over HillaryCare, and then Obama Care? Government takeover of the entire medical industry and how totally unacceptable that would be? Where’d it all go? It got implemented, in essence, with little fanfare, by Republicans! Under Trump. And it will be built upon, one way or another, regardless of which party holds power. Same goes for education, and for all the rest.

    Therefore, as long as our thinking is influenced by the Dialectic Method, there’s no hope of recovery. Ever. We’d only ever be addressing symptoms and attacking false flags while the disease itself, and the powers-that-should-not-be, thrive and grow. We’re still in the jaws of the snake.

  4. It’s Just Boris.
    Your right, I shouldn’t have picked QM, per se. But most I’ve talked to seem to be speaking in tongues to the rest of the world.
    The engineering they provide can be very useful to a point. But they have to understand that’s not always the case, or the rule. I already have a computer. And I can use about 10% of it’s function. I don’t need a faster/bigger/better, ouh-shiny one.
    I have a whole laundry list of problems right here on good old terra firma that nobody with a degree is even talking about.
    I use to give to MS research. Then I realized that the only time I ever heard from them was when they need more research money.
    Gets old.
    We got over 7 billion people and climbing on this rock, and most of the brains in the world want to kill them. Make sure the rest are driving ignorance electric cars. Then fly off to Mars. Instead of feeding, clothing, and housing them.
    Professionalism is burning itself out. Doesn’t matter if you’re in that class or not.
    I know. The next time I need a doctor. I can always call my friend Bubba.
    And the professionals of the world got Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos, and Dr.Fauci, as their front men.
    Not exactly liking it. Just pointing out the perceptions were going to be living with.

    • I understand what you’re saying. Just hit a little close to home, as I live on the boundary of physics and engineering and have to work in both worlds.

      A foundational problem I’m seeing distressingly often, is people are afraid to say “I don’t know.” And I’ll stop there before I start in on string theorists. 🙂

      Anyway. Thanks for the discussin.

      • No problem bro. I don’t envy your position at all. I think it would be wonderful to understand half of what you and yours probably know and discuss as common knowledge.
        But human nature being what it is. Your field must be full of people trying to justify their existence.
        I bet there’s a whole bunch you would like to use as rats to test the new warp drive Joe posted about?
        Anyway, thanks for thinking outside the box. Humanity truly does need it to survive.

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