A progressive getting a clue

Michelle Tandler starts out with this:

Here is what confuses me about San Francisco.

We have the most liberal, left-wing government & population in the country.

We have a $13B budget.

And we have 8,000 people sleeping in the rain this week.

Can someone please explain this to me?

Continues here:

I’ve been a registered democrat for 18 years.

I grew up in a Progressive family and went to a Progressive school, and have mostly Progressive friends.

Yet what I see in SF – if this what Progressive stands for – I want the opposite.

And here:

+ Why, after decades of Progressive rule in SF are 8,000 people in the streets?
+ Why do we have the highest overdose rate in the nation?
+ Why do we have the highest property crime rate?
+ Why do we have fewest children per capita?

And here:

Why have I never learned about the case for gun rights?

Or about the values of Islam?

What are the arguments against abortion?

Why do so many people not want to take the vaccine?

Why am I not allowed to ask these questions without being accused of “doing harm”?

There more. A lot more. The entire thread is interesting. But the bottom line is that reality has intruded into her progressive bubble and she finally noticed. It appears to have cause a crisis of faith.

I have hope for the future.


8 thoughts on “A progressive getting a clue

  1. Yes….from time to time reality smacks a progtard right up side the head and they have a “crisis of faith…or conscience”. But never fear. They invariably take another big gulp of the progressive kool aid, shut their eyes tighter to avoid seeing facts and double down on the stupid.

  2. Eventually, conservatives may learn their most powerful tool is information, specifically, the free flow thereof, and start taking vociferous and effective action against those who regulate it.

    Relative to the size of the ship a rudder is pretty small but it is still effective for managing direction changes so individual conversions have value. The challenge is to increase the volume, and rate, of conversions.

  3. Ya, I’m with Dan on this one. Unless she gets gang raped. I wouldn’t count on her living without all her progressive friends.
    That being said. Being an EX-something, can many times make for a strong believer.
    I’m a classic example. Since I quit being a drunken, drug addict. I can’t stand the motherf–ckers anymore. And won’t put up with them. So, hopefully she will be one of those.

  4. It’s a bit like wondering why your house is still burning after you’ve been pumping gasoline into it for an hour.

    “I just don’t get it. I’ve been doing all the right things: making sure the fire has plenty of air, adding more and more and more gasoline, and the fire seems to be burning all the hotter. It just doesn’t make any sense…”

    If this person is truly serious, which I have to question, then we’re looking into the mind of a fully committed believer in, and lover of, lies. I always wonder how many of such people exist. I assume that the majority of these Romish authoritarians have some material interest in promoting the narrative, such as belonging to a teachers’ union and voting Progressive because it’s where all of their job security, money and stature comes from, and that tolerating and pretending to believe the lies just comes along with the goodies. In other words I figure they’re all whores. That someone would actually, truly believe the lies is always questionable. That would take a huge amount of denial, and an intensive, continuous, on-going effort in remaining isolated and sequestered.

    And therefore, how does one spend all that effort to maintain their bubble of falsehood without knowing they’re doing it? I’ve mentioned several times that one must be able to recognize the truth in order to so pointedly and perfectly oppose it all times. This requires a lifetime of indoctrination and learning, and that’s where public education, entertainment, and the legacy media come in. And once again, this would be a good time to review the videos of Yuri Bezmenov, escaped KGB cultural subversion expert.

  5. OK I’ll answer my own questions;
    Of course it’s entirely possible to come out of the frying pan of the Progressive liberal version of old Rome and go straight into the fire of “the right wing” version of the same system, thinking yourself converted!

    The war being perpetrated against the truth is always presented as a dialectic, or a series of dialectics. “Oh, you don’t like this set of deadly lies? Well then, no problem; here’s another!” In Babylon, there are always more than enough lies to go around. Rome is the Baskin Robbins of lies— They always have 31 flavors!

    One Jesuit general is trained and willing to fight to the death for his “side” while another Jesuit general (possibly even his friend) is trained and willing to fight to the death for the other “side”. Which ever “side” wins, the mother church benefits and the generals’ duties have thus been fulfilled. The only option presented to you is to take your pick, choose your favorite flavor, and proudly embrace the pre-packaged set of lies of your choice as though it’s your own, until death! If the program is successful, you’ll be so enamored with, and so invested in, your choice of lies that you’ll join forces with your unseen master in opposing truth, believing that you’re serving truth!

    Of course the above processes are all perfectly and repeatedly illustrated in the Bible, but no one bothers to look at THAT anymore. All you know about it is what the enemy has told you, and therefore it’s so distasteful that you’ll reject it out of hand. So again, either you accept the enemy’s version of it and become one of them, or you reject it altogether and become one of them. Thesis, antithesis…synthesis.

    Eventually the majority of us will be talking just like M Tandler in your quote of the day;
    “How did I not know? How come no one told me? How could it have come to this after I did all the right things?” and so on…

    It’s the confused, urgent mindset of the dedicated soldier of the revolution once he’s (inevitably) up against the wall at the hands of his own people;
    “There is a mistake! Please, go and ask Comrade Vladimir; he’ll tell you that I was a faithful servant of the revolu…”

  6. Somehow I doubt that the Congress woman that was carjacked in South Philly is going to change her views.

    That being said; I have found that there are many (certainly not close to a majority) on the left that are reasonable, rational people who have never heard an argument to what they have been told. The press, academia, etc are solidly on the left. They are not taught a complete view of history or told the whole story about the world around them. They also trend towards affluence and are insulated form the bad outcomes if their policies and rules – until now.

    People are also herd animals. I live in DE (spit) and up until recently Biden was generally liked. What I fully realized before now is that people base their opinion on those around them. If their neighbors, friends, and colleagues all say he is OK then so are you. This despite the fact that they are just as ill/uninformed as you. My God, a casual watching if his statements on foreign policy over the last 30 years and the attendent outcomes would quickly show that he is out of touch and incompetent. People will justify or ignor bad consequences if just to preserve their bubble and their freindships. Even more than that it is a civic religion at this point and admitting that any part is wrong will collapse the world view and the mind doesn’t want that to happen. It is a distuction of self.

    The realization that people have been lied to is changing that. New gun owners are a start. The hoops people have to jump through to buy a gun or even carry (especllay when they need one to protect themselves *now*) is a massive clue bat to many, though not all. I admit I always smile when I hear: “what do you mean I can’t order a gun online, I have to do a BG check, and my pot card disqualifies me!?!?” Or: “I have donwhat and it will cost how much to get a carry permit!?!? Democrat passed all of it – I can’t believe that! “

  7. It seems the real object lesson here is that this Ivory towered progressive is waking up far to late.
    By the time her and her friends turn it around. (assuming they can and will). Blackrock will have somehow bought most of the prime real estate for pennies on the dollar.
    As the power broker that was captured at the beginning of “Blackhawk Down” said. You see all this? (Speaking of the civil war and genocide in Somalia that he was financing). It is simply shaping tomorrow.
    There’s always a reason for what happens. We just can’t always understand something that evil.

  8. Not sure that she “has a clue,” so much as the beginnings of self-awareness as far as the cognitive dissonance between words and actions that she’s echoed and watched. It’s a start, but unless she keeps going, and gets some support (most people can’t tolerate being isolated for very long, and her erstwhile friends will shun her if she leave the leftist reservation), it’ll just make her depressed and desperate and double-down on the same dysfunctional tripe she’s been swallowing her whole life.

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