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No matter where you fall on the right to bear arms, there can be no dispute that gun locks, safe storage, and regulated access to weapons are basic tenets that benefit all of us. It took a veto from Gov. Tom Wolf to strike down the concealed-carry bill, which had already passed through the Pennsylvania legislature.

Priya Mammen
December 9, 2021
We need to embrace a public health mantra: ‘none of us, unless all of us’ | Expert Opinion
[I always marvel at how someone can contract themselves in adjacent sentences. In the first sentence she says “there can be no dispute”. In the second sentence she points out the Pennsylvania legislature and governor had a dispute about the public benefit of permitless carry.

What is going on here? Was the first sentence a deliberate lie and she forgot the details of the lie by the time she wrote the next sentence? Or does she regard people who disagree with her on this topic to be sub humans unworthy of having an opinion worth considering?

In any case, it is absolutely amazing!

And in this case she is touted as an “Expert”. How can someone so careless, and transparently so, with the truth lay claim to being an expert?

Furthermore, the by line claims:

Priya E. Mammen is an emergency physician and public health specialist. She is a fellow of the Lindy Institute of Urban Innovation and trustee of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Would you want someone as your physician who lies so easily and/or is incapable of detecting irrational thought patterns in herself?—Joe]


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  1. You don’t have to see it as contradictory when

    there can be no dispute

    is understood not as a proposition

    but as an imperative.

    This ER physician is accustomed to dispensing imperatives. And she really enjoys doing so

    • Correct.

      I’ve noticed that many people of Indian extraction have a tendency to present their opinion on a subject as an imperative, as though they are of course correct and beyond question.

      • I actually think it is something that happens in the orientation presentation at Medical School. Both my Ex and my Sister-in-Law are MD’s, but not of Indian extraction, and this attitude of “I am the expert on this subject, do as I say, I am correct” is seemingly organic to both.

  2. Many doctors are smart in that they have excellent memories and can pattern-match symptoms from a specifically approved and known in advance list of choices with a list of known and approved diseases. They are often not good at generalized critical thinking about new or ambiguous things. They are trained and promoted by BigPharma and hospital bureaucracies to be rule-followers first and foremost. So she has blind spots the size of Wenatchee. And as Fyooz said above.

    My brother is dealing with it now. He’s ~60, got covid, his doc claimed to be either unaware of, or disapprove of, any treatments short of hospitalization and ventilation other than monoclonal antibodies. Ivermectin wasn’t on his approved list, therefore it could be dismissed out of hand as a quack treatment. After 3-4 days of treatment, bro is almost entirely well other than being tired, well ahead of the normal course of the disease. To the best of my knowledge, his doc has so far not admitted that ivermectin, or his regular taking of zinc, D3, etc., could possibly have had any role in his much faster than predicted recovery…. because it’s not an approved thought.

    (I think you mean “contradict” not “contract”.)

  3. She didn’t even get it right.
    “Gov. Tom Wolf to strike down the concealed-carry bill”
    He vetoed the Constitutional Carry Bill.
    Shows how much the Leftist anti-gunners know.

    • PA is an open carry state (though openly carrying in your car is considered concealed) this is a function of the state constitution and a state Supreme Court case from 1982(?).

      PA’s fairly liberal carry laws were a result of this.

      Constitutional carry is just the next logical place. Especially since this is basically de facto in Philly. I don’t believe that the DA/Soros acolyte Krasnier bothers prosecuting that anyway

  4. We are living in Andy Warhol’s world….where everyone can expect their “15 minutes of fame” and as a part of that fame everybody is an “Expert”.

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