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That’s horrible. Everyone over 21 can buy guns. That’s a loophole !!
Set the age at 99 years !!!

Gui @nerc0s_
Tweeted on November 27, 2021
[Just in case you weren’t sure… This is sarcasm.—Joe]


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  1. Yes; any freedom you may have is a “Loophole”. A “Loophole” of course is an oversight in the writing of the law which allows you to skirt the intent of the law without technically violating it. And that of course points to their intent, meaning that it is an indictment of the Romish/leftist/authoritarians when they cry about “Loopholes”.

    The fact that you live, breathe and act, without the express consent, approval, aid and direction from your earthly masters, is a “Loophole”. The sole purpose of government is to close the “Loopholes”.

    • Minor correction, relevant to the point:

      A “loophole” is an unintentional oversight in the writing of the law which allows you to skirt the intent of the law without technically violating it.

      When the law is intentionally written to allow otherwise-prohibited behavior under specific circumstances, it’s called an “exception” or “exemption”.

      (Some exceptions apply: For example, tax laws are often intentionally written to exempt certain things, and those exemptions are heavily lobbied for by big businesses and wealthy individuals. Yet, we still call those “tax loopholes”, I believe because those writing the laws want it to appear as though it’s unintentional.)

      And naturally, when there is no prohibitive law written, it’s called “freedom”.

      The Left habitually conflates “exceptions”, “exemptions”, and “freedom” with “loopholes” when it’s convenient to their cause; “loophole” sounds more evil and scary, as if using one is “flaunting the law” rather than simply abiding by it.

      Thus, if your state law expressly allows a gun buyer to show their valid CCW license in lieu of the NICS check, we call that an exception; anti-gunners call it a loophole. If private gun sales are not prohibited — if there simply is no law addressing the practice either way — to us that’s freedom, but to the antis it’s another loophole.

  2. Giffords still trying to be relevant? They seem to forget that law has no place anymore.
    And any one paying attention to it is either a useful idiot, a sucker, or in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the wrong color, and gets caught.
    Here’s a question for Giffords. After the prosecution of the school shooter’s parents for not doing something to stop their drugged out moronic son.
    Is a gun store owner liable if he doesn’t shoot everyone in a flash mob looting his store? Regardless of color? I mean, guns kill just like SUV’s right? We can’t afford to let them out of the store. Right?
    Just wonder’in.

  3. It may be sarcasm to the author and to us, but I fully expect victim disarmament fanatics to adopt this notion as a good idea. In fact, it is very similar to the plan once pushed by Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy, to tax ammo at $10 per round or something like that.

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