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There have to be more people at different levels in the organization, in different parts of the organization, who are given the platform and the ability to initiate, to mobilize, to move things forward. It doesn’t only live at the C-Suite.

And ideally, if it’s done well, each person, no matter what part of the company you’re in, feels that they have a stake in this climate change response. Nobody is exempting themselves because they don’t know enough about climate. An effective response is one where everyone has something to add here and is a part of the response.

Catherine Clifford @CATCLIFFORD
September 26, 2021
Climate psychologist says neither gloom-and-doom nor extreme solution-obsessed optimism is the best way to discuss climate change productively
[I knew there were dog psychologists, horse psychologists, and I found out there are cat psychologists and even cow psychologists. But climate psychologists? Wow!

I wonder if she has a heavy client load. Are there a lot of climates in need of a shrink?

To be fair, I poked around a little bit I can can’t find where she claims she helps climates with their mental health issues.

I do wonder about her mental health some though. She seems to presume facts not in evidence. I’m fairly certain her claim that everyone should feel “they have a stake in the climate change response” is not true. For example, there are those who are more concerned about another ice age putting a sheet of ice a mile thick over southern Canada and the northern states than the possibility of a dozen feet of ocean rise. Hence, if we really think we can affect the climate then we should error on the side of keeping the earth warm rather than on keeping it cool.

Does she want those people to feel like they have a stake in the climate change response? Or is she is living in a delusional world where everyone agrees with her view of reality. In other words, is she a liar or delusional? It could be both, but I have insufficient evidence to conclusively determine which.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Catherine Clifford @CATCLIFFORD

  1. A lot of things are going to go away in the near future. The idea of a climate psychologist is one of them.

  2. Holy crap! That looks like a trans-gender Anthony Fauci. What other field was it going to go into? I mean, it wasn’t going to make it as a “professional”, anywhere else now was it?
    It’s good though. Knowing how far along we are on the destruct-o-matic scale. Thanks for that, Joe.
    As for her client list. Gore, Gates, Soro, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Obama. I’m sure It’s a who’s, who of globalist nimrods and lesser creatures who ego’s overrule every fact they ever come into contact with.
    It’s enough to make one want to go find a cave with a view before the crowd shows up!

  3. The climate psychologist is based in … wait for it …. San Francisco! Gee, who would’ve guessed that?

  4. Considering what Psychologists do, and what a “Climate” Psychologist should do, why isn’t this woman helping Greta Thunberg, whose parents are exploiting her worse than any Hollywood stage mother.

  5. I don’t know about climate psychologists, but the political climate could use a good climate psychiatrist (psychologists can’t prescribe the antipsychotics the current political climate desperately needs).

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