Quote of the day—The Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence

Community gun violence is highly concentrated in a small number of under-resourced city neighborhoods composed of predominantly Black and Hispanic/Latino residents. These neighborhoods suffer from underfunded social services, few economic opportunities, and concentrated poverty.

The Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence
February 2021
Community Gun Violence
[EFSGV is a sister organization to Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and has the familiar perpetrators such as Mike Beard and Josh Horwitz. Here they recognize it is not the general population that is at risk of “gun violence”. It is a very small subset of the population. I applaud them for making this concession. But this leads to more “interesting” conclusions.

If you read the link to the article for the source of the QOTD and observe carefully you will discover something interesting. Do a search for “evidence” on that page and take a look for the things they know are effective in reducing criminal violence.

Notice that none of these involve restrictions on firearms.

I believe they know, at some level, that the exercise of our rights protected by the Second Amendment do not make a net contribution to criminal violence. They still advocate for restrictions but they know they don’t have the evidence.

And, of course, they completely ignore the principle of inalienable rights, enumerated powers, and evidence of the defensive uses of firearms, but that is another story.

The bottom line is that this set of bad guys know the truth and openly advocate for the denial of our rights.

Respond appropriately and perhaps someday we can enjoy their trials.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence

  1. They certainly are providing more than enough evidence to use against them at such trials….if they manage to survive long enough to get to one.

    Of course, lack of listing gun control as being ‘effective’ on the site doesn’t mean they’re dropping it. I don’t trust them any farther than I can throw them.

  2. Yes….there are plenty of idiots on the left that actually believe that outlawing firearms would have a measurable effect on crime. They are invariably the
    ‘useful idiots’ that the commie Demonrat party uses to attain and maintain power.

    The movers and shakers of the left are….with some glaring examples (paging Rep.
    Hank “Guam is going to tip over” Johnson)….if not intelligent at least clever. They know that such laws have no actual effect on crime. They don’t care. Such laws
    are NEVER intended to deal with crime. They are promulgated and sought for one reason only…to facilitate their control over others…..their grasp on power.

  3. “few economic opportunities, and concentrated poverty” sounds like a result of severely restricting or outright forbidding the presence of charter schools or other educational options.

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