Quote of the day—Dr. Shooty McBeardface™ @ShootyMcBeard

If the #1A applies to radio, tv, and the internet, and the #4A covers electronic wiretapping & video surveillance,

…how can the #2A only apply to 18th century firearms technology?

Dr. Shooty McBeardface™ @ShootyMcBeard
Tweeted on July 24, 2021
[Because GUNS! Duh.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dr. Shooty McBeardface™ @ShootyMcBeard

  1. Would love to see the press trying to live with that principle. (Gutenberg press anyone?)
    Might the bigger question be how long can one actually live with communist retards? Especially with the knowledge that there made of one’s children?

  2. Today’s sarcasm is tomorrow’s reality.

    “No problem”, says the Roman emperor, “You have a very good point, in fact. Therefore we will take your interpretation and apply it across the board. Free speech and freedom of the press, etc., are to be henceforth understood to apply only to such technology as existed in 1790.”

    Applying to the entire Bill of Rights of course would mean that, although you have the right to counsel, your attorney and his staff are prohibited from using any electronic communication or research. Books only, and only books printed on an actual press.

    Of course it could also mean that no laws enacted in modern time can be valid because they’re not 18th Century laws. And so it getting utterly ridiculous right away, which of course the leftist making any such argument knew before he spoke it!

    Leftists know they’re being ridiculous. It’s a game they play. It’s a major tool in the their tool box.

    But they eventually won’t even respect your right to that hand-set type, actual printing press and your paper documents, because that’s simply not how tyrants roll.

    And anyway, looking at the greater context, if you expect logic and reason to penetrate the leftist (properly read as “criminal”) mind to such an extent as to change his world view from coercive authoritarian to libertarian then you’re participating in a logical fallacy of your own.

    Like the old saying (and we don’t need any new ones because nothing ever changes) goes;
    You cannot reason someone out of a position that he did not reason himself into.
    Lucifer wanted to be like the Godhead too, and the Godhead would surely have said, “That makes no sense. We created you. How can you ever be one of us?” And so one and on. But did it help that it was a logically irrefutable argument? Of course not, and so it’s been downhill ever since. Eventually the only solution is to unmake that which was created, and start over. But that’s not our job. The leftists think that it is their job, indeed, too tear down society and “Build Back Better”, but just like lucifer they are catastrophically wrong in their presumptions.

    • Do they really want to go there? A handful of the interchangeable type put in a sock can be every bit as persuasive as any leftist airing out his or her tonsils. Since Blacklives Matter and Antifa are not formal organizations but are sort of grass roots spontaneous Flash mobs, then ANYONE can be a spontaneous Antifa mob. It’s necessary to dress the part, though.
      The difficulty is finding out in which gated and guarded community they hide.

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