Quote of the day—Ara Sagherian

Canadians are forbidden from owning firearms [there are a few exceptions]. The average Canadian has no course of action to oppose big Government should individual freedoms be threatened as they have the past year and a half.

In America things are different. The 2nd Amendment protects Americans from the government overstepping boundaries and threatening civil liberties.

Try enforcing a curfew in Texas or Florida like they did in Quebec. Not likely.

The checks and balances embedded in The Constitution are what keeps America great.

Ara Sagherian
June 7, 2021
The Beacon Nation
[I know gun owners in Canada. I have offered them whatever assistance I can. But there isn’t a lot I can do beyond encourage them to get out.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ara Sagherian

  1. At some point, Canadians will realize they still have kitchen knives, cars with big bumpers, propane tanks, and Molotov Cocktails are easy to make. When Mounties start getting torched in their cars as a consequence of their actions, the conversation will start start to get connected to the reality of consequences.

  2. Every Canadian I ever worked with in the Great White North owned a firearm. Many had an illegal handgun as well. The fact is the bureaucrats in the big cities have about as much pull in bush in the provinces as the they do here in the states.

    Read about how well the firearm registry did in Canada.


    The fact that people kowtow in Montreal or Quebec City does not mean it happened In Ft. Chimo or St Jovite.

  3. This is one necessary step of what they have in mind for the upcoming COVID-like technocracy dictatorship. Since it ‘worked’ for COVID just extend it for global warming and fix equity along the way!

    See Mark Carney dystopian new world:


    “No more opposition now, comrades! The time has come to put an end to opposition, to put the lid on it. We have had enough opposition!”

    • Yup. Government needs to be able to “get things done”, they say, without “gridlock” or other nuisances or encumbrances such as opposing viewpoints, or the concepts of unalienable rights and limited government powers. That is, unless or until a conservative government is in power, in which case the U.S. Bill of Rights is essentially God’s law. Opposition and disruption then become the most essential and beautiful elements of our global identity and our very social order, and upon which all things good and holy depend!

      And I will here remind you (or maybe you’ll be discovering it for the first time) that one of the fundamental tennets of the Jesuit Order (the sarcastically named, “Society of Jesus”) is that they have absolutely no problem with holding conflicting standards or being logically inconsistent. In fact they take pride in it.

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