8 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. Ya, well first things first! Finish the job at hand, then off to the next chore. And don’t get distracted!
    If you can’t concentrate on that. You ain’t going to get nothing done.

  2. 1) Do a complete SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
    2) Prioritize the results
    3) Follow MTHead’s advice: Initiate Task 1, finish Task 1, initiate Task 2, finish Task 2, lather, rinse, repeat.

  3. Well there’s your problem.

    He’s thinking “How can I do all this…” when instead he should’ve been saying “How can we do all this…” and engaging with his partner.

        • May not be universal, but it is the most common.

          The problem seems to be complacency bias, for the most part. Schools here in the US pretty much stopped teaching history a long time ago, so people have no background knowledge of how common disasters, both human or nature caused, are within recorded history. The ignorance of the population here is staggering. That, and the common action of families to not talk about their earlier relatives in any detail, leaves them fairly clueless.

          Add in the sad facts that most females are very resistant to any change that is not a result of increased income, and have also been conditioned to look to the government for help if trouble arrives. They are also very stubborn on the issue of moving away from relatives and friends.

          They also have real difficulty understanding the concept of keeping their mouths shut about any preparations for bad times. In this regard, children add further difficulties for OPSEC.

  4. That’s an accurate depiction of the average relationship. In my case I’d often be “CADing” up some mechanism in my head, to the imagined background sound of Strauss’ “The Beautiful Blue Danube” waltz or some such, and out of nowhere,
    “Lyle! LYLE! Hey! You haven’t been listening to thing I’ve been saying, have you!?
    “What?” And all my 3D CAD “files” would crash into the abyss.

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