Quote of the day—Jonathan Evans @MrJonathanEvans

Every #2A fuck who won’t acknowledge that the guns are the problem is complicit in a culture that forces parents and kids and partners and friends to live in fear. So just to be clear: fuck those horrible fucks

Jonathan Evans @MrJonathanEvans
Tweeted on May 9, 2021
[He sounds nice.

Well, actually, he sounds ignorant and/or evil.

Thanks for being clear Mr. Evans. I expect someone will now put you on their “naughty” list.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jonathan Evans @MrJonathanEvans

  1. Maybe his parents will wash his mouth out with soap for that nasty mouth…

    Or, maybe they should have long ago.

    Jeff B.

  2. Were forcing poor Jonathan and friends to live in fear? What was the topic the other day? On open carry or not? Don’t matter. No matter where you are it will still be more than they can mentally handle.
    They have problems. But the only way to help them is for you to give up your human rights? (Nice try Mr.Soro. One would think for that kind of money you could buy a better argument?)
    Sorry Jonathan. You and friends have obvious problems. But I think that’s why they’re called personal? Try keeping them that way. Sharing only makes you look ignorant. (Hint; No one gives a fuck.)

  3. Perhaps the massive surge in gun ownership over the past few years is because passive-aggressive proto-tyurants like yourself are causing the new gun owners (as well as us established ones) to live in fear? And maybe, just maybe, if proto-tyrants like yourself would keep your nose out of other people’s business, we could easily co-exist – you would have no reason to fear us, and if you stopped trying to remove the rights of those who don’t agree with you, we’d have no reason to fear either.

  4. Replace the word “2A fuck” with liberal and “guns” with blacks, and then re-read it. huh. Interesting. Wonder which version the crime data would more strongly support?

    I wonder if this guy still supports collective guilt for the latter example?

  5. Considering how many times the “#2A Fucks” have detailed the circumstances in which they’d actually shoot someone, if Mr Evans is living in fear, it’s because he’s a criminal who’s worried about getting shot in line of “work”.

    • He looks like someone who wouldn’t want parents of small boys to be armed

  6. Yes, guns are the problem; they cause crime.

    Just like cars cause drunk driving, matches cause arson, USB flash drives cause hacking (and probably shut down the Colonial Pipeline!), and spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat.


    You’d think eventually they’d come up with an original argument. But nope, it’s just the same regurgitated crap that doesn’t hold up to even the tiniest bit of critical thought.

  7. I’m inclined to chalk up such reactions to an emotional bonding with the criminal element. It wouldn’t explain a lot. It would explain everything.

    The thought of a well and properly armed citizenry, and most especially an armed AND lawful citizenry, does indeed cause the criminal element to live in fear, and of course hatred, and so of course they will lash out. It explains every scintilla of what we’re seeing and hearing from the anti-libertarians at every level and in regard to every issue, whether it be a real issue or one of the many issues they’ve simply made up.

    In Biblical parlance, a faithful, lawful and strong people, by merely existing, will cause a faithless, lawless and proud people to lose their countenance (which is exactly what we see in the quote– The guy is off his rocker), and eventually to commit murder.

    But never make the mistake of believing that just because they’re pathological and wrong that they can’t be at the same time extremely clever in devising and accomplishing evil!

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