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People are constantly going on and on about how we have too many guns, but then they say they don’t want to take our guns. They fail to address guns in criminal hands but instead focus on those firearms being sold lawfully.

With this story, desperate to try and link increased gun sales to school violence, it’s almost sad. You’d think that people would understand that correlation doesn’t equal causation, yet they don’t. Then again, they still think gun control works.

Tom Knighton
May 9, 2021
Media Continues Meltdown Over Gun Sale Surge
[For certain definitions of “works” gun control does work:

But I don’t think that is what Knighton was referring to.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

  1. The nice thing about having all the information at your fingertips is that anyone saying gun control works is flat out LYING. And they know it. If they believe it their insane.
    The problem I see is that no one actually says that to them. Are you lying, or are you insane?
    They’re is never a bargain to be made with evil. It never excepts half portions.
    Maybe it’s time we don’t either?

  2. “They fail to address guns in criminal hands but instead focus on those firearms being sold lawfully.

    Of course they do! They must! It is critically important that we understand this properly, so please, take a deep breath and relax for a bit. It’s fairly easy to understand, and once it is understood it’s easy to predict;

    Criminals pose no serious threat to corrupt political institutions, and criminals pose no serious threat to corrupt religious institutions (the two of which are in the process of merging, once again). In fact the common criminal and the corrupt politicians and lawyers, etc. need each other. They have a natural, symbiotic repationship. Furthermore and therefore, Criminals recognize their own, and will tolerate and even support one another so long as they’re not competing for the same turf. Criminals WILL band together when the primary threat to their way of life emerges and stands up to expose them.

    THEREFORE, “gun control”, and legislation in general, is not, and never has been, about keeping the criminals down. They only have to keep you believing that it is. Rather it is about keeping the primary threat to criminals in check, and that primary threat is Judaeo-Christian society with its Judaeo-Christian law, morals, courage, innovation, steadfastness and practices.

    The primary threat to the corrupt, and to the criminal class at all levels, is the lawful citizen. Therefore the lawful citizen is, and always has been, the primary target for destruction.

    I submit that the entire history of disarmament, for millennia, including the behavior of modern anti-gun politicians, anti-gun cops, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers and anti-gun regular citizens, is consistent with this thesis, and NO OTHER.

    Therefore do NOT be confused, do NOT be frustrated, and do NOT make the critical, tactical error of believing that real, sustainable crime reduction is the end goal of the gun-banner wannabes! And for the love of God, do NOT try to console yourself or others into believing that the forces of evil in this world are unintelligent! Chances are, their leaders are more intelligent than any of us.

    A peaceful, lawful, respectful and perceptive (and thus productive) society leaves no room for corruption, and so the corrupt always fear and hate the very prospect. It could be said that they hate the notion of a lawful and peaceable society more than anything! It is after all a matter of life and death for them.

    Either they prosper and we decline into impotence or become corrupt ourselves, or we prosper and they are forced to slink into the shadows, into the woodwork of society where they belong, forever “persecuted” as they would see it. Thus the criminal class is desperate to put an end to any chance of what they see as “unfair persecution” of their culture, power and way of life.

    It’s not complicated, so long as you avoid falling for their intricate web of lies.

    In closing I’ll try to quote this Bible verse from memory without messing it up too much;
    For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities, with powers, with spiritual wickedness in high places…

    Something like that. Best you look it up. The King James Version is your best available option, as some of the others have been corrupted here and there, even to the point of altering the meaning 180 degrees. So you’d best be fluent in Old English, or become fluent in it, AND have access to the original Hebrew and Greek.

  3. My 16 year old step daughter who is an avid pot smoker thinks we should try to ban guns because it might help.

    Right – Just like we banned that pot you’re sucking down so much of the only time you leave your fucking bedroom is to go smoke more.

    “that’s different”.

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