Quote of the day—Gene Econ

Joe, I’m going to keep coming back here until you and I can take a position on Saturday for Field Fire and then on Sunday and shoot all day without worrying about anything but enjoying ourselves.

Gene Econ
Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic Instructor
May 2, 2021
[Gene has been the Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic Instructor since the second Boomershoot event in 1999.

As he was about to leave after shooting Boomershoot on Sunday he approached me to say good-bye. In addition to saying good-bye he pointed out that we are getting to the point, “We won’t be able to do this forever and need to get some younger people to take it over.” He shared his plan for his side of things and I shared my plan. We independently arrived at the same conclusion and developed independent plans. After my sharing he told me what I now have above as the QOTD.

As I haven’t shot a long range boomer in nearly 20 years that sounds like a good plan to me.—Joe]


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  1. I’d be wiling to bet it won’t be the same, but a lot of the volunteers who are younger will carry on, and it’ll still be a lot of fun.

    Huh….. Franchise opportunities?

    • Ry and I used to frequently talk about franchise opportunities and other possibilities like creating a mobile Boomershoot facility with everything needed to create an event and traveling around the country. We even talked to a few different people in other states. We were never able to find a location that looked like it had the required characteristics such as long range, friendly laws, fire resistance, and distance from high density populations.

      • No doubt such places exist, throughout the west at least. It’s just a matter of finding the right network of people (read, “land owners”). Advertize somehow? Place an inquiry on the boomershoot web site, and mention it in your videos, etc.

        Legal hurdles may turn out to be a problem, but you would know more about that than I.

  2. Gene (and you!) are treasures for the shooting community. Gene’s instruction was instrumental in my improvements as a long range shooter. By my last Boomershoot, a few years ago, hitting those 700-750 yard targets was actually getting to be sort of monotonous. Improvements in skill and – over the last several years – equipment, has really raised the overall shots per hit ratio for most of the participants, I’d say.

    I recall in my first event, maybe the second one you hosted, it was mostly hunting rifles at the firing line and a solid connection at 400 yards brought cheers up and down the line. Now? The top of the far hill gets cleaned out within minutes of the opening air horn! Some very accurate marksman have evolved over the years, many of them due to Boomershoot.

  3. I decided to come to the Boomershoot this year (after a far too long hiatus) specifically so my kids could attend the precision rifle clinic. They did far better than I had hoped, and are excited about doing more long range shooting. For me the boomers were fantastic icing on that excellent cake.

    Thanks Joe and Gene for another great event.

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