Quote of the day—Doc. Block @MedicPlastic

By nominating the man responsible for Waco, President Biden is sending a message.

He will kill you and your family by burning you alive, just to get your guns.

Doc. Block @MedicPlastic
Tweeted on April 7, 2021
[H/T to Robb Allen.

While it’s plausible, perhaps even certain, President Biden is unaware he is sending this particular message. But that message has certainly been sent.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Doc. Block @MedicPlastic

  1. I think Chipman is a horrible choice, but if that’s the message that Biden wants to send, so be it.

    We’ll see what transpires by way of actions from BATFE and then be able to determine the best courses of action when confronted by them.

  2. The picture of Chipman standing with his rifle over the ashes of Waco is all one needs to know. And the fact that Gifford’s hired him, tells one all you need about the gun control movement.
    Rich people like Bloomberg, (Pays for Gifford’s), are hiring mercenaries.
    The constitution was a covenant between us and them. They broke that covenant.
    Sam Elliott said it all in, We Were Soldiers. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!

  3. was listening to radio the other day and a caller went on and on and end the end basically said we need a civil war…the host, obviously can’t “condone” that on radio and stated that the other side would have to start the war…it started a long time ago dumbass…they just haven’t fired any shots yet…but war has been declared and we are the enemy…

    • Shots have been fired. The attempt to assassinate multiple Republican Congress people. Killings of pro-Trump demonstrators in Portland, Denver, and DC. About 40 dead in BLM riots at least some of whom were innocent bystanders. Only return fire of which I am aware was in Kenosha which has now devolved into malicious prosecution.

  4. Yea…..Bumbling Biden hasn’t a clue who this guy is, was or did. He’s a product of the crime cabal behind the curtains pulling Slow Joe’s strings. And whether or not the message is deliberate or not doesn’t change the reality. And the ugly reality is
    the left has stolen near total power and declared war on freedom and war on us.
    And if we don’t saddle up and start fighting this war…..and it’s a WAR TO THE DEATH….we will lose before most even know they are at war.

  5. The fact that this person isn’t in jail for life, or sitting on death row, is the other part of the message.

  6. I think he may be confusing cause and effect. Getting the guns isn’t the end goal, killing gun owners and their families is. Dictator Harris knows that she cannot lose elections if she exterminates legal gun owners, so she is following that plan.

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