Quote of the day—Jim Quinn

Based on the first three weeks of this year and what appears to be on the short-term horizon, I am confident the term “detonation” will apply to this fateful year. The intensity level has already reached 10 but is headed up to 11.

Jim Quinn
January 25, 2021
[Quinn points out the events of 1781, 1861, and 1941. These were 80 years apart. And 80 years from 1941 is 2021.


And while 2021 has a lot of potential to be something more for the history books than we have already seen I find it difficult to believe history rhymes that perfectly.

Of course they could have used a very poor pseudo random number generator in the simulator and we can now see the pattern.—Joe]


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  1. Were a better fed lot than we were 80 years ago. Better entertained also. And we have had the benefit of government brainwashing on a industrial scale.
    It will take a serious overreach to get this rolling. On the other hand, China needs us to go down faster than normal because the commie mindset isn’t working there either. (That’s why Mao took Nixon’s deal).
    Centralization just doesn’t work in human nature.
    Guns and ammo confiscation were the start of the first hot war in this country. It seems the most logical to start it again.
    This one will be bad simply because our personal weaponry/lethality, has been supercharged. And once it starts, it will be a conflict only China could love.
    As Mr. Bracken says. Bosnia x Rwanda on steroids.

  2. We can’t fully discount the 80 years repetition. Various religions and fraternal organizations observe jubilee periods, one of which is 20 years, and super jubilee periods which can be multiples of jubilee periods. And don’t forget Nancy Reagan’s astrologer, the very existence of which points to people in high places making decisions based on superstition, and on esoterica in general.

    This stuff may be absolutely bat-feces crazy, but keep in mind that there are plenty of bat-feces crazy people in the world, some having great authority and influence, with goals and motivations you’d have a hard time believing even if they told you themselves, directly and succinctly.

    As I’ve said before, and I stand behind it; once the full truth is known, it is likely to be far crazier than even the most crazy theories we’ve heard. As has been said; “truth is stranger than fiction”, and I think most of us could come up with an example or two from our direct experiences as demonstrations of that theme.

    So while we shouldn’t ignore the 80 years thingy, we shouldn’t place a lot of stock in it either. It’s just something to observe as we keep our eyes open and take notes.

    • I’m not sure I buy the “80 years” timeline, but one observation I heard years ago is close enough and rings true (and if anyone has an actual citable quote, please let me know):

      The probability of a new major war breaking out is inversely proportional to the number of people left who remember the last one.

      Given average human lifespans, that’s not too far off from 80 years or so. As those who lived through and remember war die off and power is assumed by those who didn’t and don’t, the wisdom learned is lost, making it easier and more likely for younger generations to repeat the errors of their forefathers.

      As an explanation it makes far more sense than astrology and superstition, anyway.

  3. So….The Sim seems to have an internal “loop” that episodically recurs conflict on an 80-year cycle. What was the year of origin for the ‘loop”? 1721 seems pretty quiet, 1641 did have the East India Company conquering Malacca and a religious uprising in Ulster; 1561 had Mary, Queen of Scots returning to Scotland and a description of some sort of UFO aerial battle over Nuremberg (a YouTube search produced nothing, so I dunno….). Going back to 1481 finds mention of an earthquake affecting the island of Rhodes and the Battle of Westbroek. In 1421 there was the Battle of Baugé.

    Back before 1781 the conflcts seem a lot smaller and less intense than those from 1781 onward. I’m wondering if there’s a “plus/minus manufacturing tolerance” in play here rather than “zero variance” for year values or The Sim, to run the “loop” properly requires a minimum participant (population) value to operate the recurrence. Given the demonstrated difficulty of creating totally bug-free software, and no immediately available evidence of installation of updates or upgrades, I’ll – temporarily, pending evidence to the contrary – conclude that The Sim is not programmed to self destruct, nor do whatever bugs that may be present create a fatal error capable of producing an abend. So, whatever happens in 2021 will probably be interesting, more to some than others, but until there’s a major component failure or power problem, The Sim will continue running.

  4. The sooner things “kick off” the better. Because the longer we wait the less there will be left of a functioning society that is salvageable. The left is doing their utmost to dismantle EVERY mechanism of a functional society and replace it with their “socialist workers paradise”…..and anyone not aware of what that will look like need only gaze upon the fate of Venezuela. Once one of the most prosperous and pleasant nations in this hemisphere. Now reduced to eating zoo animals and pets to stave off starvation and the spectacle of doctors and lawyers working as prostitutes to survive. Given much more time and any victory that conservative America can wrest from this disaster will be a pyrrhic one.

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