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Almost everyone agrees that the ATF is in trouble. But this obscure federal agency may be President-elect Joe Biden’s best chance at having a real impact on gun policy—if he takes the opportunity to restore the beleaguered agency’s reputation and revive its mission. In fact, experts told The New Republic that the ATF may be Biden’s best bet at leaving a mark on federal gun policy without having to rely on an intransigent Congress.

Joshua Eaton
December 25, 2020
This Beleaguered Federal Agency Is America’s Best Hope to Curb Guns
[I find it very telling the author and people quoted in the article don’t even suggest there might be something wrong with restrictions on a specific enumerated right. Let alone making such changes without going through the legislative process.

This is literally the encouragement of a single politician to be a tyrant and restrict the rights of hundreds of millions of people who have a written guarantee their rights would not be infringed.

Such people, and the tyrants they help create, should be prosecuted.—Joe].


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  1. “intransigent Congress”

    He obviously does not understand that’s a feature, not a bug

    • Absolutely. I’m sure he doesn’t understand he just made the argument that Trump should declare marshal law, either.
      As insane as that idea is.
      Look at the logic stream that’s about to get turned loose on the world as leadership?

      • The people with Biden and Harris as figureheads have logic? Can we call the way they expect to achieve obedience leadership?

  2. So, Mr. Eaton said conclusively that the selling of 2500 firearms to the Mexican cartels WAS a BATFE operation, aka, fast and furious.
    Think about that for a minute…..Giving a trunk load of guns to what can best be described as one of the most ruthless group of people on the face of the planet was a government/ BAFTE operation? Holy Crap!
    So much for the mission statement of curbing gun violence!?!?!?
    And no one at that ATF ever said; Hey, I thought were trying to stop gun violence? Not get a bunch of people killed, raped and murdered?
    And how we going to track a firearm after it crosses the border?
    Them guns got little transmitters in them? Or did they understand how easy it would be. Just follow the trail of carnage! What kind of sick-ass logic was at work here?
    And Mr. Eaton doesn’t seem to see a major scandal in all that? Crimes committed. People needing to go to jail? So much for journalism!
    And indeed thinks the Biden/Harris crime family should be giving these same thought processes more power and money? Again, HOLY CRAP!
    Then has the ignorance to say that 60 dead, and hundreds wounded is a problem BATF cured by banning bump-stocks??
    Mr. Eaton, Your F&%king insane! I can’t believe what gets passed editors these days!

    • Hey, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. You’ve known that to be one of the communist mottos, and so why do you act surprised when you see it in practice?

      Now I don’t mean to pick on you personally, because this goes for millions of us, all around the world. No; billions.

      I am somewhat puzzled by your unwillingness to acknowledge the communist mindset though, which is the mindset of Rome (“Recant, or it’s the rack, followed by the stake, for you”, in other words; they’re more than willing to murder their ideological detractors, and to perpetrate all manner of destruction and ruin).

      You are being hamstrung by clinging to your personal incredulity. You say “Holy Crap!” and I say, “Well of course– After more than a century of this (millennia, really, if we’re paying attention), we cannot expect any different from the left, so long as this world lasts.”

      Your “Holy Crap” expression of incredulity is somewhat akin to being in the Battle of the Bulge, hunkered down for weeks in a foxhole, after having experienced months of hard and bloody combat across France and into Germany. Then as the Germans launch yet another artillery barrage at your position, you say, “Holy Crap! Don’t those guys realize that they’re going to end up killing someone!?!”

      “Heeeyyy! You could put an eye out!!!”

      From one point of view it boggles the mind. From another point of view it is just sad, because it portends certain defeat. From a third point of view, it can be fun pointing out the “stupidity” of the enemy. It’s a good distraction from the fact that they’re beating us.

      So the question is this; when are we going to get out of that mindset of surprise, shock, anger and incredulity (altogether; naivety), and into the mindset of, “OK; we understand the game: the enemy’s strategies, their tactics and their goals. We know them all too well. We know them so well we can predict their actions in the general sense and often even in the detailed sense. We know them so well they’ve become downright tiresome. OK. So; now what are our options in overcoming them?”

      But DO WE understand the game? At this stage I have to say, No. As a people I don’t think we’ll understand it until after it’s all over. Nor will we understand it on our own. It will take divine intervention to show us what was going on around us while we were busying ourselves with our surprise, shock, anger, frustration and incredulity.

      But the only alternative to such naïveté, is to be those conspiracy “theorists” we’ve all learned to despise. And so, again; observable data point to certain failure, for if the one thing we’re unwilling to be is conspiracy theorists, then the one thing we’re unable to accomplish is the exposure and curtailment of the conspiracy.

      Rather, it’s much easier to simply remain surprised every single day, over the same things every day, and to stay angry. To make sure that happens, we have the conservative pundits.

      • Or maybe, none of what the commies do is a much of a surprise to me?
        Except the level of stupidity that’s used in it’s presentation. The cognitive leaps made by the left are a marvel.
        At least by any measurable educational standards?
        Some what on the scale of: Holy Crap? I mean the guy actually wrote that where everyone could read it? And someone paid him to do it?
        Taking advantage of a retard like that. Or being retarded enough to agree with the logic?
        At that logic level communism isn’t even the problem anymore.
        It’s the zombunist party.

    • Banning Bump stocks hasn’t fixed anything for the slaughter in Chicago, or now, Los Angeles, and who knows where else, but then perhaps for Mr. Easton that’s a feature not a bug.
      I will not turn in my weapon. No one has been harmed by it since I bought it. Perhaps he would like to be the first to volunteer for his prescribed treatment to be applied to him to stop rapes.
      But I doubt that.

  3. Restoring the BATFE’s reputation seems like a much harder task still than restoring the FBI’s reputation.

    • I was going to bring that up. I find it odd that you put it like that however. I was gong to say;

      “Restore the beleaguered agency’s reputation”?? And what particular reputation is that? The one they got at Ruby Ridge and at Waco, I expect.”

      You seem to equate “reputation” with “good reputation among the people”, and yet there is no evidence for that in this instance. Therefore we are left to conclude that the “restored reputation” being advocated here by Eaton is one of evil, even aggressive, blatant evil.

      And don’t think for a second that the left is ashamed of being evil, or that they don’t relish it, in fact. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand– We’ve all relished evil at times. It comes down to who is sick of evil, and wats to be free of it, versus those who love it so much they can’t get enough of it.

  4. Just one more piece of evidence showing anyone with the IQ of toast that the communist left AND almost EVERY Fed Agency/Employee are THE ENEMY.
    The enemy of freedom, the Consitution and US. And you do NOT “coexist” with your enemy. You KILL THEM. They are NOT going to give up their quest to rule. They are NOT going to go away. And they are NOT willing to coexist with ANYONE they do not OWN.

  5. I doubt Mr. Easton would be as sanguine about repairing the reputation of the BATF if it were conducting Palmer raids on TV, Newspapers, Bloggers, and the like.
    THAT might cut too close to his own neck.

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