Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

In an earlier case both the State Department and several states involved in the action conceded there is nothing inherently illegal about the computer files at issue. We say so in the complaint. Yet, here we are again, arguing about the publication of digital firearms information, with Grewal in the center of things because of his continued censorship efforts against SAF and Defense Distributed. His conduct could irreparably harm both entities. This has got to stop.

Alan M. Gottlieb
SAF founder and Executive Vice President
November 11, 2020
[Yes. This has got to stop. Maybe a court ruling will do it. If not, I think they should be arrested and prosecuted.

I, and my employer through matching donations, donate thousands of dollars to SAF each year.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

  1. One does not enter a conflict with a justifiable expectation of positive outcome without first reconnoitering and then understanding the facts within and surrounding the tactical landscape, and the implications of those facts.

    I’m not making any judgements regarding this particular case, but our side (if that truly be the side of liberty) chronically, predictably, routinely, almost it seams intentionally, even proudly, fails to understand the following points;

    1. Gross injustice is not a mere consequence of certain ulterior (even possibly good) motives, or of the actions resulting from those motives, or of a failure of the perpetrators to understand the consequences of their actions. Injustice is often the whole point, the motivation and the goal.

    So when I hear someone cry out in frustration, as if to inform the enemy, “Hey; don’t you leftists know that you’re truly hurting us?!!” it sounds to me like the braying of a dumb ass. It is one of the most contemptible sounds. It is the assertion, declaration and proof of the very point of failure. Yes, dear; when the enemy has been lobbing artillery shells into your camp every hour for the six thousandth year in a row, you should probably take the clue. Of course they know they’re hurting you. It’s the whole bloody point!

    To assert to your enemy that he’s hurting you (as if to make him stop, right when he’s beginning to enjoy it) is to beg for more hurt! It demonstrates to your enemy that you’re the perfect target, still utterly clueless as to the very nature of the game, much less as to the solution. In short; you’re being a blithering, idiot, dumb little bitch. Stop it!

    2. The perpetrators (including the title holders and their accomplices and allies both domestic and foreign) will not stop until they are rendered incapable of perpetration. Once they’re rendered incapable, others will take their place, filling the vacuum.

    3. The conspiracy against rights goes far beyond our national borders. Do we recognize the full scope of the problem, both micro and macro? Are we even willing to go there if we do recognize it? It starts as an infection in the heart of the individual and yet it’s always been a global problem.

    The infected person may not acknowledge what he’s doing because the infection removes his ability to publicly admit the fundamental difference between a right and the violation of the right. He’ll assert the violation itself as his right. Therefore to try to convince him that he’s wrong is to prove to him that he’s right.

    4. We’re dealing with, as our enemies, the remnants of ancient powers and their political and religious systems, their morals, traditions, goals, and pretexts, all false. Until we understand that, we’re still clueless, incapable of fighting the fight no matter our great will to do so.

    5. We do not have within ourselves the power to solve the problem. The problem is that of our fallibility, and fallible humans cannot solve the problem of fallibility. It is a supernatural problem having a supernatural solution. In other words; God help us!

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