Interesting point

From Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays:

To believe Biden will be sworn in as president in January, one must believe at least one unlikely thing:

1. Despite being brainwashed to believe Trump is Hitler, Democrats in key cities did NOT attempt a large-scale voter fraud to save the country.

or. . .

2. Democrats did commit major voting fraud to remove “Hitler” but for some strange reason all the geniuses looking for indications of it can’t find any confirmed evidence and there are no whistleblowers.

or. . .

3. Democrats WANTED to commit major fraud to get rid of “Hitler” but there is no practical way to do such a thing and hope to get away with it.

or. . .

4. Democrats didn’t REALLY think Trump was so bad that it was worth cheating to remove him.

Remember, it’s still #2020.

I see one more unlikely possibility:

5. Fraud did occur and was discovered but no one with standing is interested in and/or willing to pursue it in court.


4 thoughts on “Interesting point

  1. 6: Fraud did occur and was discovered, but when taken to the courts, the Justices are afraid that a real civil war could break out, and from the more recent historical memory of the Republicans not wanting a fight, decide to let the fraudulent result stand “for the good of the nation” using some handwaving about standing and rules of evidence etc.

  2. 7: A footnote in the History of the Second American Civil War will note that fraud did occur and was discovered, but it was ignored by officials

  3. Five is more likely than you might think. The GOP didn’t care much for Donald in the first place. They figure if he makes a big classless fuss and gets a second term it will cost them big in the midterms regardless of whether or not they can prove malfeasance.

    The parties do not exist for the long term benefit of the country. Like most large organizations, they become an entity dedicated to their own existence.

    • The parties exist to ensure as many of their member’s as possible occupy the seats on the .gov gravy train.

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