Quote of the day—Benjamin Crump

But when a young white supremacist shot and killed two peaceful protestors, local law enforcement and National Guardsmen allowed him to walk down the street with his assault weapon.

Benjamin Crump
Attorney for Jacob Blake
August 27, 2020
‘Jacob Blake didn’t pose any threat:’ Attorney releases statement after DOJ said knife found after shooting
[How many lies can you find in just this one sentence? With so much evidence of an untruthful character packed into just one sentence how could anyone believe anything else he said?

Also, it would appear, Kyle Rittenhouse has the opportunity for another libel suit here.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Benjamin Crump

  1. Always remember – the attorneys are the only people in the court room who are not just allowed but encouraged to speak, who are never under oath. It’s literally their job to lie and cheat.

  2. One has to admitted. Spotting REVCOM is getting pretty easy these days. Sorting them out of the normal population could be as easy as a history exam.

  3. Again, translate the Left- Speak into English and what originally sounded like gibberish becomes perfectly understandable and even logical.

    “White Supremacist” = non communist
    “Peaceful Protester” = crazed, violent, communist, anti-American revolutionary aggressor/soldier
    “Assault Weapon” is a general term for pretty much any firearm in the hands of a non-communist. In this case it was a rifle.

    Thus we apply the translations;
    But when a young non-communist shot and killed two crazed, violent, Anti-American revolutionary aggressors, local law enforcement and National Guardsmen allowed him to walk down the street with his rifle.

    And so you see once again that when you understand the language, well, you understand the language. Let’s not make fun of that which initially comes off as gibberish when all we need is to apply the translation filters and reveal the consistency and logic in it. The left is perfectly capable of telling the truth in a rational and logical manner. They just refuse, is all. And you know that they’re aware of the truth, for how could they so perfectly oppose it if they failed to recognize it? You may call them deviously clever, or simply devious, but their leaders are perceptive and intelligent.

    And, as on all things of import, the Bible speaks directly to this issue;

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. — John 8:44

    • Indeed, to be an effective enemy of truth, one must study it well, for it is imperative to know one’s enemy. Aim small, miss small, right? And the truth is the x-ring in the center of the bull’s eye which the left is targeting for destruction.

      I bet the leftist movers and shakers (which emanate from Rome, no matter who doesn’t like hearing it) know the truth better than most, and likely they know it better than almost everyone.

  4. Frankly, as far as libel charges go, Kyle’s attorneys could be accused of hunting over baited ground. A simple perusal of news headlines shown on the web details LOTS of potentially libelous statements by the usual subjects, let alone a good portion of the country that are flapping their lips. You would think after the ongoing Sandmann libel debacle, handled by the same attorneys!, the media types would be capable of learning from expensive lessons. Apparently not.

    • Yep, they don’t seem cable of learning. There is more than abundant examples of where leftist do not learn – they just double down. It seems that whatever pops into their mind and gains even modest acceptance becomes their reality. And of course, logic is shunned while their hypocrisy is not seen.

      It’s really something to behold since we are living in the age abundance brought about using skepticism and the scientific process which they label as evil white supremacy.

  5. I suppose that’s one way to look at it.

    Try this one on for comparison:

    Adolph Hitler, a one-time army corporal, was an aspiring but frustrated artist. Like any good German, he supported all the right progressive causes: public funding of health care and comprehensive education, abortion rights, and gun control. He was, much like Martin Luther King, Jr, an inspiring orator, and also like the great civil-rights leader, his life was cut short before his time by gun violence.

    Mine is more accurate, as everything said is actually true.

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