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The nagging feeling that these putrid progressive cities should be left to riot and rot long enough for people to vote with their feet keeps growing on me.

Stephen Kruiser
July 27, 2020
The Morning Briefing: It Might Be Time to Let the Liberal Riot Hellholes Burn — Let Seattle and Portland Riot Themselves Into Oblivion 
[I suppose one could say, “It worked” for Detroit.

I realize it’s not legal or practical but I fantasize about conditioning such abandonment on the building of a wall around the city to keep the vermin from escaping. It could be the inspiration and location of a movie for someone like Kurt Russell, Escape from Seattle.—Joe]


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  1. We neither want nor need the people leaving these cities now. They had decades of experience with what the Democrats stood for. And they did nothing. In fact, they supported the rotten systems. Now they are reaping their rewards.

    The rats trying to flee the sinking ships are Leftists themselves, or ineffectual weaklings who have been conditioned to bow to the Leftists.

  2. The problem – or, at least *A* problem, is that due to corruption, the more people who leave the higher the concentration of fraudulent fellow-travelers are left, and the dead and those who left will still be voting Dem for the rest of history, and in many places the few big urban areas dominate the state’s politics. I expect the vote fraud in the state of WA to be epic. At the very least, don’t mail your vote, use the drop-boxes; fewer places to “lose” a vote the don’t think is for them. And don’t drop it off until the last day or two, to give them less time to know how many they have to manufacture.

    We REALLY need a system where we can trust the count reported.Full purge (or at the very least a hard-core audit) of the vote rolls, re-register in person with ID, cross-checked with other states, vote in person with purple dye on the finger, good paper-trail, precinct count done and confirmed and reported before the night is over. Punishment for systematic vote-fraud by anyone working the counting process be something like 50 lashes in public and debarment from any position of public trust forever, and loss of all SS benefits (.e., serious).

    • How about a lift flap to press a fingerprint? Can’t register dead people without digging them up.

    • Instead of conducting the census separately, have them take the information from the annual income tax filings. You already get the names, SSNs/TINs and primary address of people. For those that are not required to file an income tax record, big advertising buys, “This year you do, but just page X.” Yes, you too, Puerto Rico. Businesses that have lodgers can report their occupancy as of a specific date based on their payment data or something similar.

      (Would be a lot simpler if all government provided aid was W-2 reportable as income by the providing agency, which isn’t a problem as long as the aggregate is coming in under the poverty line instead of 50% above the US household median.)

      Run the returned data through the SSAs filter to flag all the SSN/TIN mismatches, duplicates and deaths for followup, which will be a much smaller job that can be done by a paired team of Border Patrol and IRS field agents.

      No “Jews In The Attic” violations because you don’t have to report everyone under your roof, but you don’t get the tax deduction (if any) or the census enumeration.

      Then the government has a complete geo-located database of every living body and their residence, which they can use for computerized first passes of redistricting plans, Representative allocation… maybe provide an extract for state-level voter registration systems (and voter roll verification projects) after pairing with a disqualified voter system.

      After all, the datasets of [People Who Vote] and [People who work/get public benefits] and [People who are present according to law] should be overlapping sets.

      • Not a bad idea if I understand you correctly. Yes, they should be sets a great deal of overlap, but various groups in business and politics see advantage in having as little as possible. Those incentives need to change or the behavior won’t.

    • It has been said that it is not who votes that matters, but rather it is who counts the votes. I say that it is neither who votes nor who counts the votes, but who controls the nominating process. Further; since the two parties control the nominating process, there’s no way to vote ourselves out of the command and control system into a libertarian (American) system. We’re always voting between two evils then: Whether you vote for what you see as the lesser of the two evils, or the more evil of the two evils, you’re still voting for the same, evil system. Yin and Yang coexist, intertwined, in the same circle.

      And anyway; this country was fully derailed and put onto a Progressive Marxist track during the Woodrow Wilson administration. There was never any going back, because the minds of the public had already been Mesmerized into seeing the government at the top of a pyramidal, hierarchical system of central planning, public education, monetary control, coercive redistribution, and gigantic public works projects.

      The political arguments since then have centered exclusively around the details and style of the implementation only, with but one small hiccup, now long forgotten, which was the Calvin Coolidge administration.

      The controversy over vote fraud is nothing but a part of a smoke and mirrors campaign, to keep you believing that it matters, that there is a contest between the parties, and that you’re participating in the decision-making process. There isn’t, and you’re not— The decisions were made before your grandparents were born.

      • Yes, the nomination process is critical, or the votes / vote count is immaterial. So. Any suggestions on how to change the nomination process to some way it can’t be subverted / controlled, other than going the all-Faith / No King route?

    • The problem with any proposal to make the voting accurate is that the Democrats are utterly opposed to every such attempt. Voter ID? No f*** way. Even looking to see if voter fraud has occurred in the past is attacked — while at the same time the absence of such studies is stated to be proof positive that there is no problem.
      Apart from the vote by mail issue, the other problem that’s pervasive in a number of states is the use of voting machines. NH, fortunately, does not allow them; it requires paper ballots. You can count paper ballots by machine, that’s perfectly safe (since recounts can then verify the machines counted right). But touch screen machines, often running antique versions of Windows, are fit only for boat anchors, not voting.

  3. “…these putrid progressive cities should be left to riot and rot long enough for people to vote with their feet…”

    It wouldn’t matter. Millions of people have “voted with their feet”, fleeing Romish nation after Romish nation to come to America. You’re just talking about the same thing on a smaller scale. Californians flee to Idaho, and keep right on advocating for the same putrid rot which they fled. Besides; the education system, which you support with your tax dollars, is cranking out new Marxist agitators, Baal worshipers and America-haters faster than all the libertarians can multiply.

    “…I fantasize about conditioning such abandonment on the building of a wall around the city to keep the vermin from escaping.”

    While that would be true “social justice” indeed (letting people live with the rotten consequences of their choice of allegiance), it wouldn’t make any difference in what’s coming, nor would it teach anyone a lesson. They’d come to the same conclusions, by the same means, that they’ve already used to come to their conclusions– They’d blame “capitalism”, the “racist” “patriarchy” and “colonialism”, et al. They’d even blame “fascism” as they do now (having no idea what it means), while advocating for more fascism.

    Please allow an expert in ideological subversion, a former KGB psy-ops agent, to explain the process in detail;
    To paraphrase; “You could present them with all the hard facts and proof necessary to be absolutely sure that they were wrong, and their conditioning will have seen to it that they’re psychologically incapable of seeing reality. Only when the steel-toed boot of fascism hits them in their fat bottom will they begin to realize.” And of course by then it’s far too late (too late by several generations in the case of the U.S.)

  4. This is how viruses work. Infect. Hijack resources and infrastructure to make more viruses until the host dies. Scatter outwards to repeat the process in new hosts.

  5. We have seen what happens when the morons from these cities “vote with their feet”. 50 years ago Colorado was a WONDERFUL place. Than a sh*t ton of morons from Kali got tired of what they had done to the “gold plated” state and moved there. Now Colorado is as bad….and in some ways WORSE than Kalifornia.
    I know….I grew up there in the 60’s. My family STILL lives there. Once the left trashed Colorado they set their sights on other pleasant locales to destroy. 28 years ago I moved to Northern Nevada. At that time it also was a wonderful place to live. But in the interim once again the brain dead parasites from Kalifornia moved here en masse and now the state is going to hell LITERALLY as we speak. So leaving these cities to riot and rot is acceptable, in fact there is no realistic alternative. But we should NEVER allow the occupants that allowed these places to devolve to EVER move ANYWHERE ELSE or they WILL transmit the mental illness and insanity they have that resulted in the destruction of these once fine cities.

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