Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

So when do we switch from “punch a Nazi” to “punch a wokester?”

Glenn Reynolds
July 23, 2020
[The context is Survey: Majority of Americans Afraid of Expressing Political Beliefs.

One of the commenters to Reynolds post brought the sarcasm with

But I’ll be 100% honest when you call me and ask who I’m voting for..

Just like the polls on gun ownership can be trusted.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

  1. Easy answer: When he and other conservatives learn the correct angle to hold their right arm at.

  2. A “Joke” reportedly from the Soviet Union in the Seventies involved a westerner and a Soviet standing on a corner while a Lada (the Soviet copy of the worst features of a Fiat, and the only street car required to have a fire extinguisher in it) and a Chevrolet drove by. The westerner asked which car the Soviet preferred. “The Lada, of course.” was the quick answer.
    “You don’t know your cars,” said the Westerner in response.
    “I know my cars; I don’t know you.”

    When I get survey phone calls I never give a straight answer. The most I will say is, “I intend to vote.”, or, “Oh, yes, you can count on me voting.” Once, memorably, I kept a pollster on for almost an hour discussing push polls, the effect of question form, selection or volunteer bias, and how the possible answers to his questions skewed the response and therefore the accuracy and usefulness. Once I tired of this, I apologized for taking his time, and he said it was a very interesting conversation, he wanted to know this since he intended to go into this industry.
    I have no idea what I did to his numbers for that day.

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