I have long noted that progressives/socialist/communists are inherently violent (further elaboration here). The current riots and looting are just further validation of that observation. I really believe it is part of their nature.

This trait causes them to sometimes overreach. If their numbers are too small and/or they have insufficient influence over the existing government they can end up being arrested and/or removed from power and influence.

We get the details via Jake Whittenberg @jwhittenbergK5.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is so far to the left on the political scale that she said CHAZ/CHOP was more like a block party and “We could have the Summer of Love” than a illegal take over. Yet it appears the Seattle admitted Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant has overreached the limits of Mayor Durkin. She has asked the city council president to investigate, punish, and possibly remove Sawant from the city council:



As Constitutionalist Selah 111 @111Selah said:

They are eating each other. Face with tears of joy

Nice of them demonstrate their faults for everyone to see.

Dave Workman also has things to say about the situation.


10 thoughts on “Overreaching

  1. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  2. And on a guess, it was that last bullet point that sparked the mayor’s ire and triggered this letter. All the rest, with the possible exception of the City Hall after-hours mob thing, seem pretty much par-for-the-course that everyone knows is wrong but does anyway and is uniformly ignored … until someone needs to be made an example of.

  3. Thanks to Dave Workman. That is the first reference I have seen to the pre-CHAZ crime rate of that neighborhood. I was wondering.

      • “Mugme Street” is 3rd street between Pike and Pine streets. The closest point of CHAZ/CHOP is 10th and Pike.

        So, seven blocks away.

  4. I’ve been wondering when a mob of conservatives should consider tearing down the statue of Lenin in Fremont. Oh wait, conservatives typically don’t form violent mobs and vandalize property.

    • Leave it. It makes a wonderful pissing post. And the surrounding area should be a homeless mecca. What better way to honor Lenin than to have starving junkies at his feet.

  5. I have to wonder, how long until certain “irregularities” are discovered originating in the mayors office, having been given her tacit or outright approval?

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