Quote of the day—U.S. Attorneys @USAttorneys

The #FirstAmendment does not permit people to use a protest as cover to commit arson, destroy property or incite violence. Any protestors who cross this line should know that we will use every tool at our disposal to find you and prosecute you.

U.S. Attorneys @USAttorneys
Tweeted on June 3, 2020
[I know it takes time. But I’ll believe it when a non-trivial number of the terrorists are successfully prosecuted and receive non-trivial sentences.

My trust in the government is at an all time low.—Joe]


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  1. Just like they found, arrested, sent to the grand jury, indited, sent to trial, was found guilty the man that used a steel tube to strike “nazi” in the head and that “nazi” dropping like a wet bag of concrete.

    (Said steel tube was in a U shape with a mace head attached to the end. I.e. A Bike Lock)

    The professor that was attacked can take solace in the fact that his attacker was found guilty. And sentenced to time served and a $1 fine.

    It isn’t just finding these animals, it is making sure that the guilty ones are actually punished.



    One from each side of the isle. I don’t see the $1 fine that I remember reading about. Regardless, this person assaulted Trump supporters with a deadly weapon, at least 7, at least one of whom required stitches/staples. Yet he got off with simple probation and time served.

  2. Well, at least someone understands the definition of peaceful protest. Not that there is support through the rest of the government to bring about a proper enforcement.

  3. Thinking of things that are totally illegal but condoned if done by the people of the fashionable ideology, I’ve been thinking that this means I-1639 is done.

    Reasoning: The reason the legalization of the use of suppressors in Washington passed is because the original law banning the use (not ownership) of suppressors did not include an exemption for law enforcement. Law enforcement had been extensively using suppressors, which was a crime for each round fired. Thus, under equal protection grounds, civilians couldn’t be prosecuted because the government hadn’t prosecuted its own illegal use.

    Similarly, there have been videos of Raz the warlord of CHAZ distributing fully-semi-automatic assault weapons of war (complete with thirty-magazine clips and shoulder things that go up) from the trunk of his car to his cronies. If he is not charged with violations of the “only transfer through FFL” laws, then nobody will be able to be prosecuted under equal protection reasoning. If he could transfer the “assault weapons” because the State recognizes that the CHAZ was not, at that time, under the jurisdiction of the State of Washington, then hallelujah, what does it take to not be in the jurisdiction of the State? Apparently, you just have to say so. I’ll get some “Leaving the State of Washington. Entering Autonomous Zone” tape done up so you can create your own un-state zone whenever you want.

  4. Still waiting for trials of coup plotters which is much more serious and further in the past. They are just running out the clock in the hope Trump loses and the Democrats just make the whole thing go away.

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