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Often these systems include human beings and they a lot of their agency from these agents that materialists recognize. Markets are such a thing. Markets create “an invisible hand” as Adam Smith called it.

Now it is easy to see how markets can create inequalities that CRT will see as racists (defined by consequences). Cultural elements of the majority population will achieve market share while comparative elements of the minority may not. Viola… “systemic racism”

Paul Vander Klay
Posted on June 16, 2020
[CRT refers to “Critical Race Theory”.

It appears that Klay is claiming that in any system an unequal outcome between people of different races is conclusive proof of a racist system.

If true, then Klay must also conclude our cultural is racist because black men murder other black men at a higher rate than white men murder other white men.

Via Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays who says:

One of my rules-of-thumb is that anything that can’t be explained with normal words is bullshit.

I think Klay has crap for brains.—Joe]

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  1. Was he advocating the view he was describing, or only describing it to expose it? It wasn’t clear to me.
    One error in his comment: “… markets can create inequalities…”. The correct statement would be “markets can expose inequalities”. The inequalities (in ability, motivation, etc.) were present already, the operation of free society and free markets make them visible.

  2. There seems to be a missing word in the first line of the quote.

    Often these systems include human beings and they [?} a lot of their agency from these agents that materialists recognize.

    Of course, the phrase, “they [?] a lot of their AGENCY from these AGENTS that materialists recognize” is a nice bit of gibberish.

    • Agreed. It was in the original. I was unable to deduce the correct word(s) and left it as a testament to his jumbled thoughts.

  3. I too would argue that he is denying reality. Inequalities are a natural part of social animals and are likely necessary for survival. All you have to do is to observe animal groups to see the hierarchy that forms. One such hierarchy is the chicken pecking order and I would argue that chickens are not racists.

  4. I’d submit that there IS systemic racism in our culture. Democrats have been manipulating blacks ever since they first opposed the end of slavery, through now, when blacks are still seen as a non-integrated group that they can cajole with entitlements to vote as a bloc. It’s the epitome of racism when, for reasons either benevolent or malignant, you view another culture as inferior and feel the need to either protect or promote it (because you think the members of that culture are too stupid or inept to protect or promote themselves) or to exploit it (for the same reasons.) MLK had it right with that whole content of character concept.

    • Over at The Conservative Treehouse I came across the following comment that sums things up pretty well. First time I’ve ever seen someone with strong opinions about the Whig Party.
      Start Quote:
      As this beautifully eloquent woman explains, history IS important.
      Prior to developmant of Republicans, there were Democrats and Whigs.

      The Democrats were the wealthy plantation owners, shop owners etc. in the South, who benefited directly from slavery AND commodities brokers and financial interests in the large, east coast cities, who benefited indirectly from slavery. Think the people who bought the cotton, tobacco, etc.

      The Whigs were Northern industrialists and financial interests that DID NOT profit from slavery, and saw the South as a rising financial, and therefore political force which threatened their power. So, they wanted to deal a death blow to this competition.

      Along come the,RepubliCANS, a true, grass roots movement composed of evangelicals, quakers and sectarians who thought slavery was WRONG.

      Whigs had no moral qualms about slavery, but realised if it was abolished, it would be a death blow to the South, and so welcomed the Republicans into their party, and eventually ‘allowed’ the Republicans to be the public face of the party.

      After,all, they realised its much easier to ‘sell’ abolishing slavery as a moral issue, than as a power play.

      BUT, the Whigs maintained control, behind the scenes. They control the fund raising and expenditures, and who ran on the “Republican” ticket, and insured that “THEIR” people got in.

      If they agreed with a ‘moral’or ‘cultural’ issue position, or if it didn’t adversely effect their interests, and if it “ginned up” the base, fine.
      If it conflicted with their interests, they told their candidates to pound it on the campaign trail, but not push for actual legislation.

      The Whigs have been the curse of the RepubliCAN party, ever since.
      Rockefeller Republicans in the 60’S, are the same Rinos of now.

      Heck, Mitts Dad was a,”Rockefeller Republican.

      “Demographics is Destiny” is what Democrats faced at the end of the CW;
      The South was 50-100/1, freed blacks to white former slave owners.
      Blacks were Republican, as “Party of Lincoln”.

      Large eastern cities, had large enclaves of blacks, escaping North, etc. They, also would vote,Republican.

      So, Dems were looking at being permanent minority party,….IF the Blacks were allowed to vote. Hence, voter suppression, both in the South and in the Northern cities, by Dems.

      Republicans,WANTED Blacks to vote, again they voted Republican, overwhelmingly.

      Hence also the DNC supporting Planned Parenthood, aborting blacks so they wouldn’t grow up to vote Republican.

      The bastards have re-written history, of BOTH parties thru brain washing from Re-education, and propoganda.

      3 movies; Driving miss daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes and The Help.

      All 3 show aspects of how Whites in the South were pressured to enforce not only Jim Crow laws, but the unwritten laws regarding how blacks should be treated.

      No where in the movies does it make it clear, which party are the oppressors, which the valient protagonists, but if you know your history, its clear.

      Tell a liberal the poop-pie eating lady in “The Help” could ONLY be a Democrat, the young author and her Mom could ONLY be Republican, and watch their heads explode.
      Ditto, Miss Daisy and her son: Republicans and she was actually breaking the law, by teaching her driver to read.
      History, those who don’t study it, are screwed.

      End Quote

  5. The opening scene of the book Victoria is the burning at the stake a woman, a self-proclaimed Episcopal bishop. It seemed absurd and over the top. By the end of the novel, it was completely understandable.

    Given how far out into insanity-ville some of these protesters are, how utterly resistant to facts and logic they are, I’m starting to be less dismissive of demonic possession as a possible explanation, or some sort of massive brainwashing technology. They want anyone who doesn’t agree with their warped view dead. They are like the Taliban rocketing statues they find objectionable https://infogalactic.com/info/Buddhas_of_Bamiyan ..

  6. What crap will roll out of these people next. I’m waiting for them to declare that snow is racist.
    One can only marvel as society plumbs new lows in inanity.

      • Maybe we should fill our hollow points with peanut butter? Like pork filled hollow points for hadji’s?

    • They have vandalized statues of George Washington, and destroyed statues of Thomas Jefferson. Clearly it is necessary to reclassify them from “vandals” to “urban terrorists”.

  7. We have the perfect system for discerning right from wrong. It’s the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments), but the forces of evil oppose it in every way possible and with every resource available.

    Without that Law, there can be no definition of “sin” (and with no clear definition of sin there’s no clear need for salvation), and at that point it becomes all about who can impose their will with the greater force. Everything else in the way of logical, scientific, philosophical or “moral” argument is just rationalization for imposing will in the absence of Ultimate Law.

    And THAT is the story of the world. Once God’s Law is sufficiently ignored it’s all about the competition between false narratives having the purpose of keeping the “masses” at bay while consolidating power. It’s about narrative reinforcement, and art, science, industry and religion all work tirelessly on it.

    But all the false narratives have a singular purpose. Eventually they’ll come together in ecumenical “fraternity” under one, church/state/science/art/industry system. It’s happening right now, and terror and destruction (as always) will be the result.

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