I know her

From The State of CHAZ:

On June 10, with the goal of building consensus and designating leadership for the movement, protesters organized the first CHAZ People’s Assembly. After setting up a stage and PA system, one of the initial speakers raised the question of legitimate authority, asking the audience: “What’s the structure, how are we going to achieve some sort of communal hierarchy that we all feel comfortable with?” The audience booed and insisted that the movement should remain “horizontal” and leaderless. At the end of the People’s Assembly, racial-justice activist Julie Chang Shulman conceded that no leadership had been established but that the group had settled on the ideological principles of an “abolitionist framework” and “commitment to solidarity and accountability to Black and Indigenous communities.”

I’ve known Julie since she was a toddler when I worked at the same company with her parents. Julie is within a few months of being the same age as my oldest child. We are Facebook “friends”. We occasionally message each other back and forth on Facebook.

I taught her father to shoot in the late 1990s. I taught her mother to shoot in 2009. Then, in 2012, I taught Julie to shoot.


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    • Unfortunately, expected for several years now. Indicators are that she is a Marxist.

      • A lot of people go through that phase. Will she still be one in 10 years? That’s the question.

        • She is currently 36 years old (plus or minus a few months). I would have thought she would have gone through it if it were just a “a phase” by now. And my ex-brother-in-law is a hard core admitted Marxism at age 69.

  1. It is unfortunate that she knows how to shoot now.
    Of course, most shootings by Marxists happen at near contact range, so I doubt it really matters.

  2. Great! Encourage her to go all the way! They can create their own power by setting up peddle power stations! They can make white people peddle for black peoples power!
    They can set up their own sewer system. Oh, so many thing they can do in free and open society!
    And we should MAKE them do it. Nothing kills stupid faster than having to work for it.

    • You do realize that a fit, healthy person on a peddle-powered generator bike can typically only sustain about 100 watts for any significant period of time, right? (according to one source, A fit (every day) cyclist may generate an average of 70W for an hour, and 160W in short bursts; and a Tour de France rider can sustain approximately 400W, or up to 1kW peaks). Meaning if they are good, and peddle for ten hours straight, they’ll produce about 1kWh of electricity, which has a market value of roughly $0.12 or so, depending on where you live. It makes a solar panel the model of cost-effectiveness.

      So, yeah, the socialists would love for someone to do that for them.

      • Just like a white guy in prison. If your not a racist going in, you will be by the time you get out.

      • Being an electrical engineer I have a slightly different rule of thumb. One horsepower is equivalent to about 750 watts (745.7 is the exact number).

        An electric skillet is about 1500 watts or two horsepower. Imagine using muscle power to supply the energy to your home. Imagine the number of acres required to feed the herd of horses to supply that energy.

        • Exactly. Like Pa said about the price of gas once. Put a gallon in your car and drive it till it quits. Then push it home. How much is that worth?
          Something else he said; Your never to old to learn a hard lesson. The hard way.

  3. She learned to manipulate a firearm. She obviously didn’t learn the citizenship and accountability factors that make the tool useful and credible. BTW, I’ll bet she is not carrying.

  4. Here’s hoping she keeps some of the armed nimrods in CHAZ from shooting themselves and others through negligence or misbehavior.

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