Via email from Jeremy N. we have this:

In the hours leading up to the violence Monday, protesters faced off with members of an armed group that calls itself the New Mexico Civil Guard and counterprotesters toting “All lives matter” signs.

One group sought to tear down a monument to Oñate, a 16th-century despot who massacred indigenous people. The other set out as self-designated protectors of the statue, creating a heavily armed presence at the park in Albuquerque’s historic Old Town. Aside from a few scuffles over signs near the monument, the protest had largely been peaceful, although tense at times.

Then a white man in a blue T-shirt appeared to rile the crowd, according to video obtained by KOB4. People erupted in shouts, and the man took a few steps back.

The man in the blue shirt, identified as Baca, seemed to be protecting the statue in a bystander’s video, police said in the criminal complaint. An undercover police detective saw protesters pursuing Baca, who used pepper spray on them, the complaint adds. “The group appeared to maliciously pursue” Baca, hitting him with their hands and legs, police state.

In the video obtained by KOB4, a masked protester swung what police identified as a longboard and struck Baca in the shoulder. The man backpedaled out of the crowd but continued to exchange shouts with protesters.

Someone in the video encouraged people to follow the man and get his license plate number. Several people followed him, and one tackled him to the ground.

According to the complaint, Williams – the gunshot victim, dressed in black – can be seen on bystander video retrieving the board and swinging it toward Baca’s upper body and head. Then, the complaint says, Baca fired several shots. The crowd scattered.

Baca was arrested. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and the governor said:

The shooting tonight was a tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence and it has no place in our city,” Keller said in a statement. “Our diverse community will not be deterred by acts meant to divide or silence us. Our hearts go out [to] the victim, his family and witnesses whose lives were needlessly threatened tonight.”

State leaders have denounced the armed civilian group that gathered in the area. Some of its members were taken into custody, police said. The group says it is not affiliated with the shooting suspect.

“The heavily armed individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest, calling themselves a ‘civil guard,’ were there for one reason: To menace protesters, to present an unsanctioned show of unregulated force,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, said in a statement. “To menace the people of New Mexico with weaponry – with an implicit threat of violence – is on its face unacceptable; that violence did indeed occur is unspeakable.”

The article describes the person shot as the victim. I can find nothing in the article that indicates he was anything other than the perpetrator. Everything indicates Baca had a valid reason to fear for his life, used non-lethal force without success then as a last resort used lethal force. So why is he considered the bad guy?

If “protestors” can attack, maim, and potentially kill those who stand in the way of their destruction something other than peaceful solutions will be implemented.

This is insanity.

Update: I understand now. We are reliving The Gulag Archipelago. Criminals are the natural allies of the political left.


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  1. I saw the up close video. The mob pursuing Baca threatened to kill him (“We’re gonna kill you” isn’t ambiguous), and the guy who was shot had a knife in hand that is visible right before being shot.

    All said and done, I don’t think Baca did anything wrong other than getting involved with a reckless mob. But let’s face it, the mob must feed their own rage machine, and not being involved will only work for so long.

    Baca defended himself against grave injury and/or death. The video proves it, and only the malicious will claim otherwise.

  2. There is now video of the guy who was shoot seen trying to stab the gunman with a knife in each hand.

  3. I don’t understand how or why things are falling apart like this. What is causing this mass insanity?

    • This is getting close to the culmination, the goal of generations of the Progressive Movement which started approximately 150 years ago. Progressive Republicans playing a game of tension with Progressive Democrats (the Dialectic Method), so that either side we choose, or anything in between, is a Progressive win. They’re so good at it that no one alive today remembers a time without them, and no one can even imagine being without them.

      But who cares about history anymore, right? I mean, at best you just want to learn about the old battles and the tactics of battles, right? and be left with no clues whatsoever about what was going on behind the scenes which led to the conflicts. It no longer matters because Finally we’ll have the “Peace” which the “protesters” of the 1960s (who now hold the positions of power) wanted so much.

      Welcome to the last stages before the full implementation of the New World Order that G.H.W. Bush spoke of so glowingly, the Redistributative Change that got Obama so much applause, wherein up is down, black is white, good is evil and evil good, and “the scientific community” works purely for narrative reinforcement. And Alister Crowley had college students writing and speaking backwards, and writing pure gibberish for the sake of gibberish, teaching a generation to be mind-numbed contrarians, decades ago and no one took much notice, and then we all forgot about it. The so-called “Christians” are now practicing Loyolan spirtism and Pan Theism, literally praying to “Mother Earth”, but who takes any notice? We’d rather watch the spectacle of the Roman Coliseum– this week it’s the spectacle of Democrats and Republicans working together to fool us into thinking they represent rival ideologies.

      The New World Order is the power of the Dark Ages in Europe being reconstituted, but with more experience, more wealth, more power, more urgency, and vastly better technology this time. And the whole world will wonder after the Beast. And America will have helped the process.

      The old Beast that seemed to have a deadly wound has been healed. The former Protestants, who fled for their lives hundreds of years ago to settle in the New World, have recanted and are now taking direction from that whore which resides in Rome. But you’ll love the whore’s words because they’re so carefully crafted to sound beautiful!

      It is insane, but it can get a lot worse.

      Go read the encyclical, Laudato Sii. In it you’ll find the blueprint for the insanity you’re seeing, and for the additional insanity you’ll soon be seeing. Or, just as likely, you’ll join the movement and become part of the problem, because who can resist the beauty, the sophistication and the power and glory of Rome?

      And hey, look; no one is talking about the founding principles of liberty anymore, or studying what the Reformation was all about. Who cares, for why should we dwell on the past when there is so much spectacle to occupy our attention?

  4. So the Gov. complained about an, “ unsanctioned show of unregulated force.” So force needs to be managed by the state? I thought that’s what kicked off this last round of protests.

    I think Joe has it. Insane. The other possibility is that people saying this kind of thing might think so little of listener that they expect the cognitive dissonance to be entirely missed. If that is true of at least half their voters…you fill in the rest.

  5. This is going to be ‘fun’ in a kind of deranged way to watch.

    Supposedly, Baca (the shooter) is up on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. However, as I’ve remarked elsewhere, I’d LOVE to see a prosecutor try to convict him with that video entered into evidence. Screaming ‘We’re gonna kill you!’, knocking him down, wailing on him with a skateboard?

    Maybe you could get a conviction in NJ, but I think it’ll be a bridge too far in NM. My money’s on them dragging it out, make the process the punishment, before dropping the charges.

    • You assume that there are no compromised / owned prosecutors to get and try the case, no compromised / owned judges to manage the case, no compromised / owned local/state/Federal DoJ officials to pick the right venue for trial, and no way that anyone involved in picking the jury pool or final jurors are compromised / owned.

      Seen that way, how possible is it to get a conviction that the media can run with and shout “WHITE SUPREMMICISTS! WE NEED MORE GUN LAWS!!!”

      • *shrug* If it’s that bad, might as well start discouraging them by field-executing the loudest.

        .308 works perfectly well for that.

  6. This is being covered in many different blogs right now. One of the things brought forth is that he is being charged with discharging a firearm (true, and a normal charge so that the police can start an investigation without accusing the shooter of being a murderer). The other charge is the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
    There is some speculation that the assault charge is for him throwing the women to the ground while carrying.
    The one I’m trying to figure out is why the cops felt it was ok to arrest the people that were open carrying? I don’t even understand what crime they supposedly committed.

    • They will simply redefine the words in the law until it is tortured into a meaning they can use. Consider the recent SC cases. Someone got to Gorsuch, and its generally known that the Chief Justice Roberts has been compromised for a while. The ruling is farcical, and redefines old and well-understood words. It’s like the Soviet Union Article 58 (RSFSR Penal Code) . They can just make shit up and say it’s the law.

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  8. One of the key parts of “Rooftop Koreans” from 1992 in LA was “rooftop.”

    Cover, concealment, path of retreat, means of communication – protecting a statue doesn’t mean you have to become an unthinking person among a violent mob.

    Regarding Onate, his statue was famously defaced a while back by having one of its feet cut off. This was his punishment for natives who, after being enslaved, decided to run away. See how creative that was, compared to the cancel culture of today?

  9. “The heavily armed individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest, calling themselves a ‘civil guard,’ were there for one reason: To menace protesters, to present an unsanctioned show of unregulated force,”

    So now, attempting to ensure that a statue is only destroyed after appropriate legal procedure occurs is “menacing protesters.” To my knowledge, Police action is appropriate delegation of society’s power, not riotous action of the mob. The show of unregulated force was by the mob, which is why the First Amendment in the Constitution specifies PEACEABLE Assembly.

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