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It is conceivable that Biden might win. I don’t think he will, but it is not exactly inconceivable. Right? But even if he loses big, almost half the electorate will have voted for him. Our country is deeply divided, and the people on the other side of that division will brook no opposition, no dissent, no variation. Their organizing principle is simply viciousness. So if that electoral result happens, and Biden or his replacement takes office, what we have been seeing will only have been the overture to the full fun times oratorio–music by Schoenberg, lyrics by the Unabomber.

Against such a prospect, may the good Lord deliver us, but the only advice that I would give for preparing for that scenario is to buy guns and ammo.

Douglas Wilson
June 8, 2020
The Floyd Riots as a Clear Summons for Four More Years of Trump
[Via daughter Jaime.—Joe]


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    • More importantly. One should sale his city property to a Korean. And move out of the hot zone.
      That form defense works now. But tactics will change.
      Fixed fortifications are a monument to man’s vanity.

  1. I’ve been asking myself that question. At this level of discourse. Who is going to except the results of the next election? Not us, And certainly not them?
    Guns and ammo are always welcome. But food is just as important. Joe, you and your family ever thought of marketing your crops in long term storage buckets?

      • Augason Farms is getting $50.00 dollars for a 50lb. bag of hard white wheat. Not sure how that pencils out on your brother’s end. Hope it works.

  2. y’know, the truly sad part is not even that the “other side” are saying effectively the exact same thing about your “side”, and the prospect about a Trump reelection (which i agree seems a foregone conclusion, for unrelated reasons, btw).

    the truly sad part is that, so long as both “sides” see things in this light, it becomes and remains a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. It seems to me that the other side is doing everything they can to elect Trump. The lockdowns and protests are showing what life will be like under their ‘rule’ and it’s not a pretty sight.

    This will scare a lot of people, even never-Trumpers and moderate Ds, into voting for Trump. I also expect to see more voting via feet. The big metros are unlivable and becoming more so every day.

    • The political left has what would be considered a personality disorder in an individual. Poor emotional control, self harm, and the belief that any problems are the fault of someone else. The poor emotional control extends to a strong resistance to any facts which weaken their beliefs.

      The only way to deal with these type of people is to set boundaries with consequences. If those boundaries are violated the consequences must be administered. We call those boundaries and consequences “the law” with the U.S. Constitution the supreme law of the land. It should come as no surprise the political left wants the elimination of the police. It’s all consistent with the personality disorder diagnosis.

      They have been violating these boundaries for many decades now and, if our society is to survive, we must enforce them. Getting better judges in the courts appear to be critical to that effort and it appears President Trump, despite his other faults, had made significant progress on this front.

        • President Lincoln told blacks that their best hope of freedom was in repatriation. Still an excellent idea! I’m pretty sure that’s why Monrovia is the capital of Liberia.

  4. Given the gist of this blog posting, I thought what I have just finished reading is very relevant to the discussion. It was a summary (rather long for a summary but very enlightening) of David Horowitz’s writing entitled “The Black Book of the American Left”. The experience of Horowitz’s life is nothing short of fantastic and he is clearly a man of exceptional talent and moral character. Given the nature of what we have been experiencing lately as the Left becomes more and more aggressive, I very highly recommend reading at least this summary. I think you may not be terribly surprised by the contents of this summary but the comprehensiveness of the Lefts efforts and virulent, violent and volatile plans, behaviors and cohesiveness is stunning. There is definitely a psychology at work in these people that is incomprehensible to those of us who simply want to be left alone to enjoy our liberty. Understanding that this condition exists is essential and being willing to confront it is going to be essential as well if there is to be any hope of retaining our personal liberty. After reading this summary, I am not so sure that President Trump has a lock on this election regardless of how extreme the leaders of the left have been acting. Take 30 minutes to read this summary, it will definitely change your view and will be well worth your time.

  5. Almost 20% of all the homes currently for sale in Minneapolis have been listed in the last week.

  6. Lets be realistic. If the average person ends up in a situation where they need more than one or two thousand rounds of ammo the odds are they aren’t going to survive said situation. Stashing 50K rounds of ammo may give you the warm fuzzies but it’s going to do damn little to help if you run out of food, water, TP, medicines etc. etc. Want to “prep”? Address ALL the issues required to live long term without outside resources. Most importantly build relationships with your neighbors if possible. A neighborhood is far more capable of dealing with unrest and disorder than a single household.

    • Needing 2k rounds ready-loaded in mags for the zombie apocalypse at your front door? Yeah, that’s likely a low probability of survival situation.

      OTOH – the chance of things going sideways, ammo resupply becomes difficult or very expensive, and you have a sudden pressing need to train several people to be competent in the use of arms from a base of slim-to-none knowledge? More likely. At 2k training round per person (a modest start for serious training), two families of four needs 16k rounds. Then a few dozen rounds for social use to convince the remaining zombie hordes to hunt brains elsewhere. If you started with a stock of 20k round, your buffer is down to ~4k founds, or only about 300 of “duty ammo” a person for each person you trained and your own family of 4.

      Suddenly it doesn’t look so excessive. Personally, I’d prefer to have Burt Gummer for a neighbor, but around here….

    • I’ve watched ammo availability go totally sideways in the past few months with COVID before this started. Ammo is trade goods right now. Very valuable trade goods. You say you’ve got 100 rounds of 9mm hollowpoint available and you’ll be mobbed.

      There are a lot of people right now who have come to the realization that those who buy guns and ammo before they are needed were on to something.

      I’ve got a thousand rounds in arms reach. Because I don’t know what could happen. Also do have food, TP, medicine stashed as well. The ammo will come in handy with the neighbors as having 50K rounds and extra guns will allow you to distribute and widen your circle of protection to those who weren’t prepared.

      In exchange for food, TP, medicine.

      • Exactly, A friend use to come into the gun store every once in a while. He would buy an old 22 and a brick or two of ammo. His logic was how much that combo would be worth after EBT cards quit functioning.

  7. We are all TWANLOC now. They have thought that of us for a long time though they use different language like Deplorables. Now we think that of them. This can’t end well.

  8. As for AR/22lr training. If one can find a CMMG 22 conversion kit. They work wonderfully! I’ve shot them in all my AR platforms. It really shines in my 8″ pistol. Shoots 60gr. Aguila sub-sonics perfectly out of 7 twist barrel!
    With a suppressor on it you can have a bunch of old men giggling like little girls in nothing flat. One of the best add-on I ever purchased for the AR’s.

  9. Humans are hard-wired for a belief system, according to researchers. (they weren’t happy with their conclusion, as they thought that this pointed to the existence of a higher power). What they may have missed is that people seem able to hold multiple belief systems that can be in conflict with each other. Remember that the definition of a belief is that supporting facts are not required for it to exist.

    Bear in mind how difficult it is to get someone to change their religion (that would be a belief system), and you have some idea how much trouble it is to get someone to change a belief in socialism or communism or Progressivism. It’s not going to be a common occurrence. Realize that the schools and the media have been pushing this nonsense on people for their ENTIRE LIFE. The odds of you changing them enough for them to see reality? Good luck. Might as well plan on winning a state lottery for your retirement. Odds might be similar.

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