Quote of the day—Jair Bolsonaro

Look, how easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil, how easy it is.
The people are locked in their houses.

That is why I want, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense, that the people arm themselves.

That’s gonna ensure that no motherf*cker is going to show up and impose a dictatorship here! Because it’s easy to impose a dictatorship here. Too easy!
A f*cking mayor makes a f*cking decree, handcuffs people and keeps everyone at home! If they were armed, they’d go to the streets!

And if I was a dictator, I’d want to disarm the people! Just like all the others’ disarmed people before they imposed their respective dictatorships.

That is when our demonstration, and I ask that Fernando and Moro sign the ordinance today…

   (Fernando Alveredo, Minister of Defense)

Because I want to give a f*cking message to these *ssoles, on why I’m arming the people. Because I don’t want a dictatorship here! And it can’t be postponed anymore!

Alright? It can’t be postponed anymore!

Whoever doesn’t accept my ideals, Damares…

   (Damares Alves, Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights)

Family, God, Brazil, guns, freedom of speech, free markets… Whoever doesn’t accept that, is in the wrong government.
  (A message to his Ministers not stepping up due to not supporting such ideals)

Wait until 2022 Sir Avaro Dias? Wait for Alckmin? Wait for Haddad? or maybe Lula, right?  And you can go and be happy with them.

In my government, you are wrong!

It’s to blow it wide, the gun question here!  I want everyone armed!
Because an armed people will never be enslaved!

Jair Bolsonaro
President of Brazil
May 22, 2020
Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: “An armed people will never be enslaved!”
©2020 by Dean Weingarten
[I wonder if Brazil would be a good place to retire. Is Portuguese difficult to learn for an old guy who has only learned one language?—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jair Bolsonaro

  1. We’ll see how resilient his notions are, politically. He is still just one man who got a lot of votes.

    I get that he is trying to make a fait accompli for his successors. It’s a good start.

    The real test will be when the national attitude is generally, “Civil disarmament is the goal of traitors”, with supporting constitutional law.

  2. Well there is a confederate colony down there. They still speak English. Even have big parties every year.
    It’s probably more a question of Barb being willing to dress like a southern belle? I don’t think I could get my wife to go.
    But good on their president!

  3. The article, and some others, say he’s much like Trump. He’s not. He’s superior.

    Trump doesn’t care whether we peasants are armed, but finds us useful so long as we vote for him, and would abandon his support for that plank in his platform if it got him more votes.

    Bolsonaro seems to have a genuine stake in his position.

    The Real Kurt

    • OT, but why are you the Real Kurt? Have you had problems with Taiwanese knock-off Kurts? Do you come with a certificate of authenticity? 😀

      • Heh.

        On any number of blogs which I follow (though I rarely post comments to any of them), I see comments from one or more posting just as “Kurt”.

        Differentiation, indeed.

        The Real Kurt

  4. I would say be aware that the Brazil will not be immune the the same program that the US is in for, as the same parties involved in our controlled opposition party are involved in theirs. No place to thin from this stuff, really.

  5. We lost the culture.

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    John Adams

  6. A major force in accomplishing this was the capture and overhaul of public schooling here in the US. Control the education, and you control the public. The Progressives set out to dumb down the masses so they would be a better fit with the Industrial Revolution. They figured a well educated populace would be a bad fit for a regimented workforce. Mission accomplished! (They started this ~1890, IIRC.)

    Ever wonder why the Communists were so effective in taking over Russia? Taught by the Progressives in NYC.

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