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If a ban on military-style semi-automatics is an effective way to reduce the number of weapons in circulation and available for mass shootings, then surely a similar ban on handguns – which also have no legitimate civilian purpose, and which kill and wound more Canadians every year than any other firearm – would have a similar effect.

Friday’s announcement accomplished two things. It banned a style of weapon that has no place outside of the military, but it also reminded people who care about gun control that the Liberals have been inconsistent and at times illogical in their approach to the issue.

The Globe and Mail
May 1, 2020
Trudeau’s hurried assault-rifle ban is a weak half-measure
[Says the voice of reason.

Well actually… ignorance, stupidity, and/or evil.—Joe]


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  1. This is what compromise has always been to the anti gun crowd. Compromise means that they only ban some guns. Then the next year, more. The end goal is for the government to have a monopoly on the use of force. Once that has come to fruition, there is nothing that the citizenry can do to prevent whatever else the government wishes to do.

    It didn’t begin with guns. The push for a government monopoly on force began with the first government. Every tyrant always begins by making sure that his power is absolute through a monopoly on force.

  2. SJW’s always lie. That’s why the statement starts with the word IF. IF taking this gun means your safer THEN. (which ushers in the infamous double down). Only to be followed with equally deceiving projections. WE must do this also. No proof. No evidence. Total lies.
    And with such predictability. That’s the scary part.
    We don’t hear much about New Zealand these days. Wonder how Canadians will respond?

  3. Next will be the “high powered sniper rifles”, aka hunting rifles.` Followed by the “street sweepers”, aka shotguns.

  4. IF it could save the life of just one child, surely we should all carry firearms at all times.

    IF it could save the life of just one child, we should all own machineguns, grenade launchers and ground-to-air missiles.

    IF it could prevent just one mass shooting, surely we should teach all our children in the art of the rifle and of the handgun.

    IF there’s even a small chance that it could prevent the common, predictable and eventually deadly over-reach of government officials gone mad with greed, arrogance and power-lust, then surely we owe it to ourselves, and to our neighbors and countrymen, to be at all times armed to the teeth, with the best and most effective of modern weaponry.

    IF it could make the world a better place, then surely we should instruct all our children in the true meaning of Biblical principles, the foundation of polite society.

    If the authoritarians want to play word games, then surely we can do it better than they so long as we stand on the bedrock of truth.

    One of our biggest problems then, is that our purported “friends”, the “conservatives”, either can’t do it or they refuse to do it. Ayn Rand pointedly illustrated this problem decades ago, in her book Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, and nothing whatsoever has changed since. In short; with “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

    How hard can it be, after all, when you’re on the right side of truth, to come out and say these things, and do the things necessary to uphold the fundamental principles? And yet our “leaders” either cannot or will not.

    Who, or what, then, has gotten to them (or us for that matter), and furthermore; what do we do about it? This has been going on at least since Karl Marx began writing his Manifesto. When both the Supreme Law of the Land (in the U.S. at least) and the truth (everywhere) is on our side, why is it that our ostensible “leaders” are so mute, so dumb, so apparently confused or afraid, and so ineffectual? Clearly there’s a kind of disease among them, among us, that we haven’t yet fully defined. And how can anyone treat a disease that hasn’t even been defined, much less diagnosed?

    There’s a Liar’s Club running the world, and the “conservatives” apparently want to be as much a part of that Club as anyone, else they would have rooted it out and stopped it generations ago.

    And make no mistake; it’s a global authoritarian movement. They’re using the same catch phrases everywhere you look, as though they’re all getting the same memos.

    And speaking of globally circulated memos; have you read Laudato Si? In it you’ll find the principles (sometimes even the very words) of Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Al Gore, Bush 41, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Greta Thunberg, the leaders of most of Europe, and, well, most every other political figure and mega corporation CEO in the world.

    • You know the world of man is fallen. The survival instinct of man makes him want to automatically control that which is affecting him. Bad weather makes us build shelter. It’s only human for these people to do the evil they do. The psychosis that drives people control everything around them,(except themselves). Is as natural as Cain murdering Able.
      No, the only surprise is that we that are affected by them keep reacting to them the same way. We don’t want to be Cain. The answer isn’t in controlling them. It’s in controlling one’s self.
      The fact that a bull charges at the color red shouldn’t bother us. It’s our job to control the bull. And do that which we have to, to that end.
      We have been slothful. It is our, and our fathers fault. And our children and grand-children will pay the price.
      We, those that are not willing to sacrifice for a better world. Doom that which we love most to live in a worse one. That’s the real LAW. And nothing is going to change it.

  5. The BIG lie is that handguns have, “… no legitimate civilian purpose…” which my SD tools prove otherwise. Imagine if even one of the victims had been armed. The killing spree might have been stopped earlier. Firearms are a huge net positive for keeping a society civil and the government restrained.

    My contempt for the cowardly, evil, moronic gun control freaks is legendary. They will be punished in the after life for their actions.

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