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What bothers me the most about finger-lickers isn’t the fact that they’re possibly spreading an untold plethora of illnesses or disease to the rest of us. I think what bothers me the most is the absolute display of rudeness and inconsideration for others. It’s just one more sign that our society is becoming increasingly ill-mannered.

Finger-lickers actually present a real threat. According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 2008-2011, flu deaths in the U.S. averaged 53,435 per year. In contrast, during those same years, an average of 30,736 people died by firearms (19,029 of which were suicides and 245 “other”).

Since, over a period of four years, 22,699 more people died of the flu rather than guns, maybe it’s time that the federal government act to criminalize finger-licking? After all, if it saves just one life, don’t we have an obligation to try?

Wayne A. Bush
February 21, 2013
Finger Licking … Bad
[He’s got a point. This is particularly true with the higher death rate for COVID-19 infections.

But he is buying into the assumption that gun control is about reducing criminal and accidental deaths and injuries. A review of firearm law and results show such laws don’t make the general population safer.

Also, people get really weird in their thinking about contagious diseases. For example, there have been studies on how people would react to learning they unintentionally infected another person with an easily treated sexually transmitted disease versus unintentionally infecting someone with a flu and the other person died as a result. People are far more concerned/embarrassed/ashamed/whatever about the easily treated sexually transmitted disease than killing someone with the flu.

Criminalizing finger licking versus criminalizing gun ownership? I know what the choice of 90% of the population would be if they were required to chose one or the other.*—Joe]

* My choice would be to spit in the face of the person demanding I must chose one or the other. Then, I would shoot them.


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Wayne A. Bush

  1. Your personal safety is your personal responsibility. Applies not just to guns.

    Finger licking annoy you? Scared it might get you sick? Sanitize yourself, it’s ultimately not the other guy’s responsibility.

  2. Is he talking about an infected person licking their fingers and touching someone else, thereby transmitting the ChiCom virus? Or is he talking about some brain-dead idiot touching things out in public and then licking themselves? If it’s the latter, then doesn’t the whole ‘my body, my life’ thing apply, as long as they aren’t licking someone else?

    • Yes, but among the people who chant, “My body my choice”, it only applies where another life is at stake. If you apply “My body, my life to other situations where it logically applies, they look at you like you suggested something outside their script and off their map.

  3. If one licks one’s finger, which way are you assuming germs are going; from the person’s mouth to the finger, or from the finger to the mouth?

    Your internal model for the scenarios resulting from said licking would be rather different I would think, depending on the answer.

    And so long as you don’t lick your fingers, I see little, but not zero, significance in whether someone else lick his fingers.

    It’s a little bit like the debate over vaccinations. Those who are vaccinated seem to be accusing those who aren’t vaccinated of being threats to them. On the surface it would appear absurd, for surely if you’re immunized then a non-immunized person poses no threat to you, for why else be vaccinated?

    Kentucky Fried Chicken I suppose is now to be considered a global threat, being “Finger Lickin’ Good” and all.

    No; frankly I believe nearly all of you are crazy as freakin’ loons, and that the crazy, being highly contagious, is far more dangerous than any currently known COVID virus. Just my opinion. We’ll see. For certain, the governmant reactions to COVID, and the “Climate Change” hoax, will both have been instrumental tools affecting the coming collapse. The powers-that-should-not-be are no doubt licking their fingers over all of this right now, savoring every moment.

    • If you read the article you will find he talks about people touching things after licking their fingers which you might then touch yourself. Think of door knobs/handles, hand rails, produce and packaging in grocery stores, and touch screens at self checkout machines. Then when you eat without washing your hands, rub your eyes, or even touch your face you risk contamination.

  4. Lyle: Those who are unvaccinated by choice are a threat to those who vaccinate whenever possible and their families, because they may spread diseases to:

    1. Babies that are not yet old enough for the vaccinations.

    2. Those with medical conditions that make vaccination actually dangerous.

    3. Those who were vaccinated but are now immuno-compromised so their immune system no longer fends off infections.

    4. Those whose vaccination failed to establish a strong immune response. This is probably the largest group that needs to worry about the unvaccinated by choice, but generally we have no idea who is in it. There is a wide variation of reactions to vaccines. If the vaccination dose was high enough to protect anyone, the most sensitive _would_ die from vaccinations. So the dose is set fairly low, to make adverse reactions quite rare – and the least sensitive are unprotected, but we don’t test for this…

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