Quote of the day—Bruce S. Ticker

Who could have predicted that gun control could not be more crucial? Of course, Republicans will likely deny that the coronavirus spread makes gun control compulsory, but it sure does.

Bruce S. Ticker
March 21, 2020
Are there enough hospital beds for Covid-19 and gun victims?
[I have an observation to share. I have noticed smart, but ignorant, people are incredibly resourceful in maintaining their ignorant, prejudiced beliefs. I have sometimes been absolutely jaw dropping flabbergasted at the things people come up with.

This is one of those times.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bruce S. Ticker

  1. As if irresponsible gun shooters would obey an order to surrender their illegal guns?

  2. It always surprises me, somehow, when a Jewish writer carries the banner of gun control.

    To my mind, people of the Jewish faith and ancestry would be amongst the strongest proponents for firearms rights.

    There must be a linkage to the tendency for Jews to subscribe to Progressive political thought and agendas. Again, something that to me would be antithetical given the Jewish historical experience of persecution and stigmatization at the hands of those holding power.

    In the end though, maybe it’s simply adequate to describe Bruce as;

    “Another Pissant”.

    • A possible explanation I read some years ago for the fairly common Jewish culture of defenselessness: for centuries in Europe the penalty for a Jew caught armed was death.
      That said, you’d think that modern Jews in the USA would have gotten over this. And Orthodox Jews generally have, it seems. Liberal ones, not yet.

    • When you realize many of them (not all of them, mostly their politically-minded leadership) want two things, it starts to make more sense.

      1) They want non-government persons disarmed…
      2) They want to control the government.

      Look at the percentage of highly influential pols and justices (3/9 on the SCOTUS, Schumer, Schiff, etc) who are of a particular ethnic/religious background, as compared to their percentage of the general population….

      You might find https://www.unz.com/article/leather-jacketed-coke-snorting-jews-in-the-soviet-secret-police-torturing-raping-and-killing-gentiles-the-evidence/ interesting…

  3. that, right there, is some sort of clinical obsession talking. nobody with any sense of perspective would cling to their hobby horse in the face of a global pandemic crisis, even to the point of trying to twist the immediate current crisis to serve their preferred imaginary one.

  4. No human condition is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Ignorance is simply lack of information, and can be cured. Stupidity is refusing to accept or obtain available information while continuing to act in your ignorance, and is an act of the will. (paraphrasing some famous person)

  5. As for the number of beds needed for virus victims and gunshot victims….. only poor marksmanship would produce a crisis in that regard, I would suggest.

  6. One result of the pandemic has been the closure of bars and liquor stores. I’d submit that the lessened consumption of alcohol, combined with fewer cars on the road, and a massive reduction in drunk driving, will more than compensate for the hourly mass shootings that these twits claim.

    • now that i consider it from that angle, it wouldn’t surprise me if overall mortality rates were currently dropping on the whole. i guess we’ll see what the official statistics say in another year or two.

  7. Well, of course; those in government see this as calling for more powers and authority, the rank and file communist will no doubt see the problem as the result of shameless profiteering and conspicuous consumption, the feminist will see it as the result of our overly patriarchical society, the racist will no doubt blame one race or another, the prepper will see it as confirmation of his prepper lifestyle, and the Christian will call for more prayer, love and Bible study.

    Take any hobby, lifestyle or mindset; you tend to get the same sort of reinforcement. So it comes down to which one is at least the less destructive, or at best the more useful.

    And do we truly know objectivity, or absolute reason, when we see it (assuming we ever have seen it), or would the assessment of objectivity always be determined by our personal assumptions, beliefs, mindsets, desires and obsessions?

    We live by a set of doctrines based on assumptions, and we judge what we see as being either “objective” or “not objective” based on whether it harmonizes with those assumptions and doctrines. Science itself does that. What else would you expect?

    Possibly some of the most deluded people on Earth are among those who have themselves convinced that they’re “just going by the facts”.

  8. Talk about schmendricks! My putz has more synaptic activity. What a smuck! I wonder if he would try the same pitch to get published in Israel?

  9. People in the hospital after being beaten, stomped, shot, or stabbed are likely to have needed a gun and and not had one. Successful widespread self defense would produce a marginal reduction in medical consumption.

  10. OK, fine, no hospital beds for gunshot wounds. Maybe then leftists will figure out exactly who is shooting one another.

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