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Gun grabbers frequently talk about banning “assault weapons,” but that term doesn’t have an agreed-upon meaning. For instance, the since-expired 1994 Assault Weapons Ban defined the term as a semi-automatic rifle with two of the following features: a pistol grip, collapsible stock, bayonet mount, flash suppressor or grenade launcher.

If you know anything about firearms, the assertion that these secondary characteristics make a firearm more deadly is laughable. Grenades are already illegal.

What the term has come to mean is “scary-looking rifles that mass shooters use.” But, as Sisolak now admits, “It’s not the look of a weapon that makes an assault rifle.” This puts gun grabbers in a double bind. They’re either banning secondary characteristics that won’t stop mass shootings — even if gun bans worked, which they don’t — or they’re banning every semi-automatic rifle in the America, which is politically unpalatable.

It’s much easier to say you want to ban assault rifles — and then trust the media won’t dig deep enough to find out if you know what you’re talking about.

Victor Joecks
December 21, 2019
VICTOR JOECKS: Sisolak promised to ban assault rifles, but he doesn’t know what that term means
[Sisolak is the Governor of Nevada.

As a friend in high school, Ken Franklin, once told me, “If you can’t define a word then you literally don’t know what you are talking about.” And here we have a politician becoming the governor of Nevada based, in part, on a promise of something he literally had no idea what he was talking about.

This is not to say he is stupid or even ignorant. It’s self evident that he didn’t need to know what he was talking about. He won the election, right? In this context “assault weapon” is political tool used to gain power. And not in the sense Mao Tse-tung used it.

I’m reminded of the quote attributed to Adolf Hitler:

If the Jews didn’t exist, we would have to invent them.

And our country’s political left, and Governor Sisolak in particular, has Josh Sugarmann to thank for recognizing the utility of the “assault weapon” boogie man. Sisolak successfully used it in his bid for the governorship. And, if this article is to be believed, he did that without even knowing that they didn’t exist.

Think about that. A concept of something which cannot be defined, and hence is largely imaginary, was instrumental in getting someone elected state governor. The concept is a real tool so powerful that even if you don’t know what it is you can use it to win elections.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Victor Joecks

  1. If a leftist idiot (BIRM) like this can get elected in NEBRASKA, I’m getting worried.

    • My bad. I read “Nevada” as “Nebraska”.

      Still hard to believe, but less so.

  2. If it were not for Las Vegas, Sisolak would not be Governor of Nevada. The same is true of Washington State and many other locations where the ballots are recounted until the “correct” vote tally is obtained and small, but densely populated areas control the rest of the state. It is unfortunate that while many states based their state constitutions on the Constitution of the United States of America, they neglected to establish an electoral college type system within their state to prevent relatively small areas from controlling the entire state. So while the country is a republic, the states act more like democracies which can be the worst of tyrannies when a majority of one (one more vote than the others can muster or “find”) can condemn many people to oppression, repression and/or complete disregard.

    So while Sisolak has no real idea what he was talking about, I don’t think that one subject was what the election turned on. For sure it was popular in Las Vegas, due primarily to the terrible shooting tragedy that occurred but generally liberal attitudes of the greater Las Vegas area residents likely accounted for as much of Sisolak’s success as anything else.

  3. All I noticed was that the quote used the terms “assault weapons” and “assault rifles” as apparently interchangeable.

    That was enough for me to conclude that the entire thing was nothing more than the ignorant utterances of a complete twatwaffle, and thus undeserving of further notice.

  4. There is no actual definition of “assault weapon” because the gun grabbers DON’T WANT a definition. An actual meaning of the phrase would limit them
    and their agenda…..which is to ban ALL guns. As long as the phrase means ANYTHING they can call any gun they wish an “assault weapon” and proclaim
    it illegal. While the heaving teeming masses of morons who vote (D) are generally brain dead the majority ( with some glaring exceptions) of those actually RUNNING the Demonrat party AREN’T STUPID….they are EVIL.

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