Quote of the day—Gertrude O. Douglas @Gertrude_O_D

I was a victim of 3 violent robberies in my life

The last one 3 yrs ago was an exceptionally violent house robbery by 4 armed men who assaulted everyone, including my 8yr old grand daughter

I remember thinking then, as I do now, thank God I did NOT have a gun in the house

Gertrude O. Douglas @Gertrude_O_D
Tweeted on December 12, 2019
[And would she thank God she did not have a fire extinguisher in the house when an arsonist tried to burn her house down?

And would she thank God she did not have a telephone in the house when the armed men assaulted her and her family?

And would she thank God she did not have a first-aid kit in the house after she and her family were assaulted?

The mindset of some people is incomprehensible to me. There are times when I just want to let Darwin sort them out.—Joe]


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      • She mentioned stats. You replied with American statistics. I wonder if the situation is the same for a white woman in modern South Africa, which appears to be where she lives. Resisting the local criminal element may be more dangerous than it is here, with a higher chance of fatal retaliation. I know I would prefer to be able to defend myself, even in South Africa, but that is also a place I would never consider living.

  1. Some people are born prey.
    I’m sure she still would be happy she did not have a gun if they carried off her grand daughter.

    I don’t understand it, you don’t understand it, but it is how she feels.

  2. Part of the reason we see this is because people have been trained to be victims and to be selfish in their defense of society.

    I have often heard my friends say things to the affect “I might lose, but if I discourage the next criminal, or if I stop this criminal completely, I’ve accomplished making the world a better place.”

    That willingness to sacrifice ourselves for others is missing. This woman feels that it was better to have been assaulted and survived than to have died with an honor guard. She thinks that her grand daughter is better off today, with the trauma of that assault than of having her grandmother stand up and defend them.

    It is not only her fear of guns, her loathing of guns, and her misunderstanding of the value of the tool that leads her to this place. It is her selfishness.

    • Which would be a better memory for those grandkids:

      – That one time when we were with grandma, and some people broke in and beat us all up without any resistance, and now we feel the world is an out-of-control, merciless place that we are unable to resist, and the government people weren’t there to save us, only to pick up the pieces and make us do paperwork, and they’re useless but they’re all we have. I love Grandma but I’ll never forget her lying on the floor with a bloody face

      – That one time when we were with grandma, and some people broke in, and Grandma asked them to leave us alone, and then they came at her anyway, and she shot two of them, and another of them winged her, then she shot that one too and called him some bad words, and the last one pooped his pants and ran so fast he left a dashed brown line leading right to him… Grandma is a super hero and I want to be in-charge like her and she’ll inspire me long after she goes to Heaven

      • Tirno, you are correct. But that grandmother only sees the possibility of her, or her grandkids dead on the floor. She doesn’t see any of the other outcomes.

        And because being dead on the floor is nothing to her, she can’t see that her death would have improved society.

        — That one time when we were with grandma, and some people broke in, Grandma told them to leave, when they came at her she shot two of them, the third shot her, she went down, bleeding out, her blood bubbling out her mouth as she wheezed her last breath. The forth moved into kick her while she was down and she pulled the trigger again, shattering the forth’s ankle. Third bad guy shot Grandma a dozen more times, emptying his gun into her body.

        They then turned to us, beat me, breaking both eye sockets and my jaw before raping me. I’ve had 4 reconstructive surgeries and have been in therapy for years.

        They totally miss that there are 3 bad guys that will never hurt another. And a forth that is in jail for murder. Every asshole in the neighborhood knows not to mess with her family. They shoot back.

        • Some people ain’t got no fight in them.

          Statists (of whatever variety) and criminals like it that way for the same reasons.

          • A problem, though, is that they always want to move to somewhere safe (you know, like well-armed places), then vote for the same policies that made where they left a dangerous shithole, because they want to be surrounded by other defenseless sheep, meaning they neither have to take responsibility for their own safety (packing heat and learning to use it well), nor make themselves the only target by disarming everyone else. It is discivilizational.

  3. An idiot. Specifically, a useful idiot. I don’t care what happens to them or theirs. They’ve brought it on themselves and must bear that responsibility.

    What I do mind is that twit’s like this presume to force their ideas and mindsets onto the rest of us, despite, or in spite of the protections and rights we’ve had for centuries.

    Truly a Piss Ant of the highest order.

    Jeff B.

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