Quote of the day—Brandon Steele

If you’ve taken away that person’s ability to protect themselves, then it’s incumbent on you to protect them.

W.Va. Del. Brandon Steele, (R) 29th
October 14, 2019
W.Va. delegate seeks to hold ‘no-gun zones’ legally liable for shooting injuries
[H/T Glenn Reynolds.

The best defense is a good offense. This would appear to be a good offensive play against the anti-gun people.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brandon Steele

  1. Those who seek to impose “gun free” zones are akin to the insider partner-in-crime who leaves the department store’s back door unlocked at night so his buddies can rob the place. That insider partner may not be doing the actual robbing, and he’ll be sure to have an alibi, but he’s certainly complicit in the crime.

    So it is with all leftist/socialist/fascist/Marxist/collectivist/authoritarian policies, whether originating among Democrats or Republicans. Attacks on the second amendment happen to be among the more blatant of such crimes, for directly endangering people’s lives, and directly favoring the law-breaker at the expense the law-abider. Plus, in this case, the perpetrators of these Deprivations of [second amendment] Rights Under Color of Law (18 USC 242) are also the ones robbing us.

    The now all-but-abandoned, classic Protestant doctrine (and likewise the Bible) explains it thusly;
    Such is the way of the world; the beast gets it’s power from the dragon, that old serpent (the prince of the world), and the second beast, which is now known to be the United States, causes all the world to wonder after the first beast. Collectively it represents Babylon, or to be very specific it is the remnants of Rome supporting and upholding the doctrines, structures, and even the very trappings and traditions, of ancient Rome, Greece, Medo-Persia, and Babylon. It’s quite the cozy relationship. For now.

    That system is altogether anti-American and anti-Christian, while maintaining the facade of both America and Christianity. The two American parties, while putting on a show of conflict, are complicit partners. Just watch; that beast is already trying to form a new church/state global system, and there’s nothing anyone is going to do to stop it. For now.

  2. Exempting may-issue (and do-not-issue) jurisdictions would be a terrible mistake. For one thing, it would be an incentive to create more of those. The right answer is to apply that principle, and make the state government and the licensing authorities be liable.
    Somewhat different but I remember it and it was a nice touch: when NH set up its shall-issue laws (before Constitutional Carry came in two years ago), one aspect of the law was that towns were required to use the state application form without changes or additions, and were specifically banned from adding their own requirements (stuff like fingerprints for example). To give this teeth, town officials were made personally liable for violations.

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