Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

It is beyond comprehension—ambitious candidates of an entire party—are campaigning on things the Constitution bans, and getting cheering support.

I certainly don’t advocate violence. On the other hand, like my armed countrymen, I vigorously support self defense and am prepared to act if desperate immediate proximate criminal trouble were to arise, God forbid. I’ve been through intensive training, classes, reading, for decades. I’ve written ten books on the subject—so far.

What I haven’t done is consider the dire threat politicians present to the nation, when they stoke the flames of revolution by doing precisely what the British did that got us there those many years ago. They have announced they’re coming for our guns. It is not subtle. It is not limited. It is not allowed.

Alan Korwin
November 10, 2019
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. A right is nothing more than a freedom that a man is willing to defend with his life and/or his treasure.

  2. The cheering crows are the problem. If it were just politicians, then removing them from office would suffice. But if you study the Spanish Civil War, you will realize that just removing the pols is not sufficient to re-establish civil society, for the same reason banning drugs or alcohol consumption doesn’t stop users. The demand is still there; a new “supply” of pols are always willing to step up and meet “demand.” The problem is the poorly educated populace demanding these things, because they do not understand the consequences.

    Their ignorance is not accidental. If you study our government indoctrination public school system you will see how. The “why” is left as an exercise for the reader.

    • Agreed. By definition and by practice, politicians are elected by those who vote them into office, and thereby are representative of the electorate. Since we here in CA (I use the collective “we”, as there are literally millions of conservatives here but are simply outnumbered at the polls) keep voting in snake oil salesmen, this is what we continue to have in power over us. Remove them from office via criminal conviction or such, and they’ll simply be replaced by our West Coast Snowflake Brigade by other snakes.

      The advice bullhorned to conservatives over the past dozen years (by many including James, Wesley Rawles) has been to simply “vote with your feet” and flee to greener pastures. That is an alluring option that many have chosen, and I personally envy them, but the consequence of this Mass Exodus is the heavy swing of the electorate pendulum to the extreme Left, as fewer and fewer people who can see through the Democrats’ lies remain to hold back the tide. So here we are today in 2019 with a once-golden California that is teetering on the brink while the Left celebrates with champagne on the Titanic’s deck, and the Right smugly points fingers and blame. Conservative Californians are caught in the middle, fully aware that they have little support from their supposed brethren in the other 49 states. Very sad, and very dire.

      • SO the question you have to ask yourself is: how is it that the parties, all of them, keep nominating slimy anti-rights snake-oil salesmen of slightly different shades and hues for you to choose between? Who / what is controlling the nomination process that only give you different-looking but ultimately similar branches of the uniparty to choose between? (i.e., who is really calling the shots?)

        • I believe they flat out steal elections. Didn’t their boss, (Stalin), say it doesn’t matter who votes. It’s who counts the votes?
          Never underestimate the other guys evil.

    • If they come for our guns,our entire existence will change in a heartbeat.. Then I will be FORCED LIKE MILLIONS MORE TO ISSUE AN ANNOUNCEMENT….AND IT WONT BE WITH WORDS!!!!

    • The real problem is that for the left, politics and religion are one and the same. They are religious zealots and they are in it for the long term.

      We on the other hand separate religion from politics. So we have already have one hand tied behind our back.

      We will lose unless we can some counter their efforts on a more equal basis and I suspect it too late for that. Otherwise, their defeat has to be internal and that is a tall order.

      [History has shown that even the best determine effort to stamp out such zeal fails with few exceptions.]

  3. We will not start ACW2, but we will end it, victoriously.

    That it may be as grisly as other civil wars is a terrible outcome; but capitulation to Leftist scum is unimaginable to real Americans.

    It feels a bit closer every day with the gun grabbers in the Democrat Clown Car and three years of constant efforts to undue the election illegally.

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