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San Francisco recently passed Proposition H, which bans the ownership of guns in homes and businesses.

I for one am comforted by the fact that San Francisco has taken this safety measure. Now when some big dude meets you along a dark street, you’ll know that it’s not a gun in his pocket. The downside of course is that he’s really happy to see you.

Right Wing Duck
November 11, 2019
IMAO Time Machine: Proposition H – A fun look at gun control
[Note the phrase “Time Machine” in the title. Proposition H was passed 14 years ago on November 8, 2005.

While this quote has a high humor value it has a lot of truth in it.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Right Wing Duck

  1. I would have expected Proposition H to give free hemorrhoid medication to the homeless in an effort to reduce bloody turds on the sidewalks.

  2. On the bright side you can always through shit at them. Plenty of that around.
    San Fran is becoming more like the monkey cage at the zoo everyday.

  3. I’m sure he will be suitably comforted when some neighborhood”activist” visits your house at 2am.

  4. It’s not the politicians, the DA’s Office, or the police in San Francisco that are the problem.
    It’s the good citizens of that fair city.
    That became painfully clear to me when a jury found the serial felon responsible for the murder of Kate Steinle innocent.

    After all, that murdering scum was determined to be innocent by a jury of his peers. Let that sink in……….

  5. The leftists’ (Babylon’s) idea of “safety” means “safety for criminals, agitators and miscreants”. The attitude can be summed up something like this;

    “Criminals are people too, after all, and so why shouldn’t they have the right to operate in the light of day like anyone else? Society made them what they are anyway, and so why shouldn’t society pay the price for their existence? Criminals have had to hide in the shadows for too long! And anyway, who are YOU to judge right from wrong?! Aren’t you all transgressors yourselves, you hypocrites?!!”

    It’s a system which exalts self, and pleasure, desires “freedom” from judgement, or from any standards, all of which it sees as artificial, and thus it seeks revenge against anyone who would point out its flaws. Therefore it’s also an accusatory system, seeking to gain its authority from the failings of others. Thus it loves failure. In short; it’s the doctrine of satan.

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