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There are zero reasons to believe a gun offers personal protection against a felon or any protection against any attack. Normal people don’t have the disregard for life to pull the trigger against a threat. The felon enters the scene prepared to shoot at the slightest resistance. Guns are virtually useless for personal protection.

Posted at Democratic Underground on November 2, 2019
[Interesting. Apparently in this world view the police and military are not “normal” people. Nor are the thousands of ordinary citizens who fire their guns in self-defense each year. I think the more likely case is this is a troll.

If someone with children tries to make a such a claim ask them if they would be unable to shoot someone about to beat their young child with a club.

If they have no children of their own then ask about a mass shooter at a children’s school. Do they think they would be unable to pull the trigger if the alternative were to run away and/or watch a dozen or more children be killed?

If they are unable to pull the trigger when confronted with murderous evil in action then it is they who are not normal and should be treated as such.

Continuing on a different path…

Even if we were to grant the absurd proposition that 90% of the population can be characterized in this fashion there is still a problem. The statistics of the masses cannot justify denying the individual their right to defend themselves using the most effective tool for the job.

This type of person belongs in a collective of some sort. They apparently have no concept of the individual or individual rights.—Joe]


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  1. Instead of my usual deprecating comment about the source of the quote, I’ll ask a question.

    Does the certainty that these people use in their statements make you think? It sounds as though these people are totally incapable of logical thought, the interpretation of facts or debate.

    We’ve known for a long time that the opposition prefers bumper sticker types of slogans and platitudes, but many that we’ve been seeing and hearing really sound much more like the shouting or a fanatic or true believer.

    That’s disturbing when you consider the likely outcomes that don’t include capitulation or subjugation.

    Ok then, what a Piss Ant!

    Jeff B.

  2. Thanks Joe, Your observations are spot on. It doesn’t matter what 90% think about your rights. There still yours.
    In trying to answer Coldsteel’s question. Yes, they are totally incapable of rational debate. Many have been brainwashed into being “emotional junkies”. Looking for their next hit
    . Normal rules for changing people minds on certain topics don’t work. Things such as points to logic, intellectual exercise, pointing out hypocrisies, rhetoric. parables. Even hardship many times will not work.. It’s frightening what we have allowed to happen.When we ponder the consequences of societies present trajectory. I believe it will not end well. Nor, is it intended to.

  3. He/she/it is projecting his own lack of intestinal and testicular fortitude more commonly termed ‘cowardice’ onto everyone else.
    I’ve run into that type before.
    They’re unable to do anything more than cower at their own shadow and piss their pants while screaming like a rabbit. Thankfully they’re also usually unable to do what it takes to procreate.
    They have no concept of the individual or individual rights because they have no firm grasp of reality. They live is a kind of fantasy world so they can escape from their meaningless lives.
    Unfortunately, they can, and do vote.

  4. Prosper is not an exception. The left is not interested in discussions or compromise. The right, including the far-right, are only too happy to discuss their views civilly. The left is simply not interested. They are only interested in getting rid of western civilization, us, and our guns.

    “In Culture War 2.0 … The goal is not to counter the speaker with better arguments or even to insist on an alternative view, but to prevent the speaker from airing her views at all.”


    Believe it when they say that they want to destroy us and our guns. And believe it when they want to destroy western civilization and everything we have built. They don’t believe in democracy. Just look at the car tabs initiative that has been passed twice and the multiple governments and agencies that are now planning on challenging it (using taxpayer funds). They think that they know better and view democracy and us as an impediment to building their utopia.

    Their attitude is ‘How dare you…’.

    • I was just reading slashdot on ‘Is Eating Red Meat OK, After All? Probably Not’. And why not?

      ‘[N]utrition research is complex, and rarely do [its findings] reverse so abruptly. That’s why it’s so important to look beyond the headlines at the quality of the evidence behind the claims. Still, the publication of these new guidelines in such a prominent medical journal is unfortunate as it risks further harm to the credibility of nutrition science, eroding public trust in research as well as the recommendations they ultimately inform.’

      Like every other science that fits with the leftist view, nutrition science is GIGO and has been that way for a long time. It’s just more ‘How dare you’! You know that vegan is the best diet and it is best for the climate. Meat should be outlawed!

      • I have a rule of thumb, that any discipline whose name contains the word “science” isn’t.

  5. The author of this garbage may possibly just be a troll…..but it is EXTREMELY probable that they actually believe this garbage. Remember…this is the same
    group of luminaries that INSIST that the Male/Female paradigm is a lie and that there are DOZENS of ‘genders’ while at the EXACT SAME TIME also insisting that there is a “pay gap” between men and women in the business world. Not exactly a group noted for logic, fact or the capacity for rational thought.

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