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We are taking your guns. Period. The tide is turning rapidly. The NRA is toast. As soon as trump is gone, guns are gone.

NitramLand @NitramLand
Tweeted on October 27, 2019
[Who’s “we”?

And as if the NRA and President Trump were protecting gun owners from him and others like him. It’s more like he and his unindicted ideological coconspirators are being being protected from us by the presence of the NRA and a president who gives lip service to the 2nd Amendment.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. The reason a criminal wants his victim disarmed is so that it is safer to rob / rape / enslave / kill the person thus rendered defenseless. It’s about power and control, not safety. It’s proof the person speaking should be kept far from authority or power, and reason to never give up your guns.

  2. I always chuckle at this “we” thing. Ol’ Nitram will be drinking his latte or cowering in Mama’s basement (or maybe both) while the power’s that be direct the gun gathering exercise.

  3. Remember the Clinton Rules from Bosnia:

    It’s not enough to take out the troops that are committing the crimes.
    You go up the chain of command to get the ones that ordered the crimes.
    You also take out the ones that provide the social support for the crimes.

    For this reason, I am thankful for Twitter and the archiving services that will be Exhibits AAA through ZZZ.

  4. It certainly gives itself a generous timeline. 2040, maybe 2030? This country isn’t going to survive the next election. Rhetoric has pushed political division to the point that no one is going to except the next president.
    Nitramland? He must be the emperor thereof.

    • Him and what my Grandfather referred to as “My little brother” in his pants. They are not only obsessed with our genitalia, and size, they are obsessed with their own and attribute magical powers to them.

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  6. The NRA and Trump aren’t protecting me from you, they are protecting you from us… without them you launch your little gun grab, then we teach commies how to fly, Pinochet style, in job lots.

  7. Game on, ya little pissant.
    Something tells me most LE and Military will not comply. See: Oathkeepers

    Oh, and MOLON LABE

  8. As Otto von Bismarck said, “some people learn from experience.”
    For some that is the only thing they can learn from.

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