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Most gun owners are responsible and law abiding, until, one day, they aren’t.

November 2, 2019
Comment to Most “black market” guns in America are purchased legally across state lines
[So, what’s your point johnd? Is your claim that all guns should be banned because some gun owners are not responsible and law abiding? Careful what paths you enable.

If you successfully convince the public that only the government should have guns, completely eliminating a constitutional protected right, there are almost no barriers to what the government can do.

All car owners are responsible and law abiding, until, one day, they aren’t and drive drunk, fall asleep at the wheel, or send text messages and drive into someone else.

All women are responsible and law abiding, until, one day, they aren’t and kill their kids, embezzle money, sell illegal drugs, or become a prostitute.

All homeowners are responsible and law abiding, until, one day, they aren’t and don’t pay their mortgage, burn the house down for the insurance money, or use it to cook meth.

All people are responsible and law abiding, until, one day, they aren’t and you should lock them up or send them to the camps before they aren’t on whatever whim you can think of.

No thanks. I’ll keep my guns. I draw the line here.—Joe]


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  1. Most governments are responsible and law abiding, until one day they aren’t, and they kill millions of some powerless or disliked minority. Maybe even tens of millions of them. But of course, they often change the law first so they are still technically law abiding while they commit the slaughter.

    Most blacks are responsible and law abiding, until one day they aren’t. Would you support prophylactic internment of them, too, John?

  2. How ’bout this John. The colonies of America were started by religious criminals.(people who wouldn’t follow state religion). The United States was created by criminals, (from the crown’s point of view). And its certainly been run by criminals almost the whole time! You probably think president Trump is a criminal. Elizabeth Warren is as we write is campaigning on her desire to EXTORT 52 TRILLION DOLLARS from “the rich”. Who ever that is.
    Everyone from the whiskey rebellion forward to today is a criminal in some form or another. your no different. Get over yourself.
    So John, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Its your move. You mite want to be mindful of what will be coming back at you though.

  3. Yup;
    “If you successfully convince the public that only the government should have a guns (sic) , completely eliminating a constitutional protected right, there are almost no barriers to what the government can do.”

    That is of course a feature, not a bug. It is the definition of a Progressive pipe dream, not a warning– You’d have effectively eliminated, once and for all, that “Charter of Negative Rights” (the U.S. constitution) that the left hates so much.

    This subject was broached by a leftist because this is in fact how they tend, as a pack, to think; they can insinuate any minority group, or rival organization, into that model, which will have become a firmly established model. To wit;
    “Most homosexuals are responsible and law-abiding, until one day they aren’t.”
    As you pointed out, they can fill in any group they choose and target them on that basis for persecution. This is what they think of as “freedom” and “social justice”.

    Anyway, getting right down to brass tacks, of course the reason why leftists have a natural enmity and fear toward armed citizens has nothing whatsoever to do with crime or “public safety”. Rather, it is ths;
    Leftists know that their desire for universal coercion will, one day, if they keep up their shenanigans, result in armed defense against them.

    All leftist thinking revolves around, upholds and exalts the expansive use of public coercion. Their natural and understandable aversion to the right to keep and bear arms, then, is merely their criminal thinking coming to the surface. Nothing else.

    And I wouldn’t be a true Protestant without occasionally quoting Daniel;
    “And he (the small horn power, the Beast, the anti-Christ supporting the Whore of Babylon) shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws…” Daniel 7;25 KJV (emphasis mine)

    By “law-abiding” then, we must be very, very clear and specific. Whose laws are we talking about “abiding”? The real ones (the Ten Commandments) or the made-up, anti-constitutional, Progressively tyrannical laws?

    But even that point is somewhat ambiguous now, because the filthy beast has thought to change the Ten Commandments.

    A time will come, and is now here, when anyone may be prosecuted as a “law breaker” if he’s on the wrong side, and any law breaker may be acquitted if he’s a valued enough member of a specific alliance. Pretty much the only remaining constraint is in the continuing need for a carefully crafted pretense and/or cover story, and even THAT is a major annoyance to the left– They’re superior; they shouldn’t NEED a pretense or a cover! It demeans them to have to work in the shadows, and to have to pretend to make sense!

    Speaking of changing times and laws, the timing of this quote of the day, dealing as it does with the subject of who or what is “law abiding”, is appropriate, this being the first day off of Daylight Savings Time for much of the U.S.

    If we’re living the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, then, by the way, things will get much worse before they get better. The arrogance and pride of the left, with the papacy pulling the strings, will reach unimaginable heights, and that which we thought was the secular world will turn out to have been not so secular after all. We’ll all be taken in some form of “Condition White”.

  4. There’s no particular correlation between “responsible” and “law abiding.” I can, and will, responsibily and safely carry a handgun concealed, even where it might technically be illegal or restricted. Similarly, I can and will own certain classes of firearms, storing, bearing, and using them safely and responsibly. Currently, its legal where I live to do so, but if it becomes illegal to do so, I’m not going to change my ways to follow some ex post facto, capricious, and arbitrary law. For now, I’ll continue to be law abiding, until one day I’m not, through no action of my own.

  5. Most people are law abiding, until one day they willingly engage in conspiracy to deprive others of their civil rights, either by individual but coordinated action or abuse of public powers, and they’re federal felons, if not actual traitors.

    What should be done about that?

    I suppose we could enshrine in the fundamental governing documents some limits of what public powers can be used for, limits that override and supersede any delegated powers. We could phrase them in a way that entire classes of tyranny-enabling objectives are permanently off the table at the legislative, executive and judicial levels.

    Basically, we need to declare the whole of the USA as a tyrant-free zone, even from petty tyrants.

    It would be highly convenient if that was already done about 228 years ago.

  6. You are missing the real point. They hate us in part because we aren’t criminals. Criminals are the Left’s natural allies.

    • Yep. Leftists are amoral without rules or limits. They also like to show off by one-upmanship leading them ever farther from reality and sanity.

      They think that science is something you vote on and that it is a candidate if math-stat are used along with peer review from lilke minded colleagues. They give inanimate objects life and proceed to implement laws controlling those inanimate objects. They get a bright idea and decide that it must be implemented at once. Never mind unintended consequences. They want what they want and they want it now! Or else they are going to stomp their feet and slam doors. They are nihilists and are intent the destruction of our world so they can build their utopia (without us). They are just children who have never taken on adult responsibilities.

      Yet they seem to be in charge these days. Both conservatives and liberals are adopting many of their demands in an attempt to appease them. But that is not working. They just want more and more.

      I’m fed up! We need a world where adults are in charge and understand the limits of knowledge.

  7. But that’s not true. Most gun owners are responsible and law abiding until one day they die a natural death. Chances are everyone reading these words are that way. They aren’t going to turn into violent felons at some future date.

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