What color do you want?

I use two different color bullets to indicate major (black) and minor power (blue) factor loads. I’ve loaded a fair number of red bullets as well. I just noticed that Eggleston Munitions has 16 different colors available now:


Wow. What to do with another color (or 13)…. Maybe white for extremely low power loads for new shooters. But what about the rest? Christmas presents for the kids?


11 thoughts on “What color do you want?

  1. Those silver ones will be excellent for my monster hunter costume. Actually now that I look at them I bet I could use a whole bunch of colors for that, with each color for a different kind of monster. (I have a 45LC derringer I use for the costume, and having the cartridges on a bandolier looks really good.)

    As for ideas for you? Do you really think you can come up with 16 different loading’s for round nose bullets? I am sure we could come up with all kinds of color schemes if we had different types of bullets available, but the only thing I can come up with for that many of one kind of bullet is to distribute them over the power range. Figure out what your min and max safe velocities are, then divide that range by 16 and assign a color for each division. Th only other option I can think of are if you did different kinds of shooting: “green tip is the most accurate load out of my carbine, brown tips have a full roll crimp in case we are shooting in the rain. . .” but I think you have a really hard time coming up with enough excuses to get all the colors. Good luck though!

  2. They are for Seattle shooters who want their sidearm loaded for shooting rainbows.

    Yes, I realize that is ambiguous phrasing.

  3. I use thr red ones for the 180 gr carbine bullets and when I get back to loading them I plan to use blue for the 165gr low power pistol loads since both are the same caliber.

  4. For people who have brightly-colored guns (purple Cerakote, maybe?), you can now match the bullets to the weapon!

  5. You can make a standard single-stack 8-round 1911 magazine loaded with FAAAAAAAABULOUSSS… topped with black, because that’s cruise control for cool.

    Set that aside for Operation Blazing Sword.

  6. Christmas tree decorations

    Or maybe for those social occasions when you don’t want your reloads to clash with your outfit?

    I note that a lot of magazines are available in basic black. There’s a pro and a con from this:

    PRO: Basic black goes with anything, so you’re always in style; and

    CON: It’s restrictive to have only black available! And possibly racist as well. Toward a solution to this problem, I am announcing the formation of “GOAAMM”, or Gun Owners of America Against Monochrome Magazines, a non-prophet company. Send me an email and I’ll provide details on how to donate.

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