Quote of the day—Jeff Snyder

Kellermans statistics do not prove that guns cause crime. But neither do Kleck’s statistics prove that guns provide protection. Kellerman’s statistics, even if faultless, provide no justification for a decision to own or use a gun. But neither do Kleck’s statistics provide a justification for owning or carrying a gun.

Admittedly, this sounds strange. Gun owners would like to believe the assertions about Kellerman’s statistics, because we believe they are seriously flawed, but disbelieve the assertions about Kleck’s statistics. Yet asserting that Kleck’s statistics justify owning or carrying a gun commits the same error that asserting that Kellerman’s statistics justify not owning or banning guns. Both treat the gun as an agent, with independent power to effect results. In both cases, the gun has become a force, like a chemical, a drug or microbe, with independent power to cause results apart from our decisions, our character and purpose.

People, we are the agents. Guns are inanimate tools that serve our purposes.

Jeff Snyder
Nation of Cowards, You’re Doing This Because of the Numbers? page 97.
[He goes on to say, paraphrasing some, that the numbers prove guns are useful for criminal acts and the numbers prove guns are useful for self-defense. They don’t “cause” violence or “result” in self-defense.—Joe]


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  1. I wonder what the statistics are for keeping a CO2 fire extinguisher in a handy place for use in the event of a kitchen fire, vs someone using the same to assault someone and rob them? Or cars used to effect crimes vs aiding daily living . Now THAT one they’ll look at the numbers of use and misuse, and conclude that fewer miles driven a la Europe would be better, but misuse should not prohibit proper use.

  2. Now why would someone want to brand an inanimate object as a problem? Unless they understand the power it gives to the owner.
    And that is the real motive to all gun control. The transfer of power.

  3. No statistics can ever create, modify or abolish your fundamental rights in any way whatsoever.

    That very mindset, which looks into the numbers searching for ways to justify any such meddling, is the problem. It is a jealous, covetous, ravenous, licentious, felonious, and ultimately murderous mindset. It is the mindset of Rome as well.

    “That Mindset is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop.”
    Kyle Reece – Oct 26, 1984
    (OK; so I took poetic license with that – sue me)

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