Quote of the day—Aishu Sritharan

The only way to meet the challenge of gun control is to meet it with the boldest possible proposal that will save the most lives and that will tell the opposition that we are not backing down on this issue.

Aishu Sritharan
October 19, 2019
Democratic Debates, the Media, and Gun Control: Why the Needle Isn’t Moving on a Critical Issue
[This seems to be a very naïve viewpoint. Let me suggest a proposal along those lines and see if it works:

No more infringement of our specific enumerated rights! Abolish all gun control laws. Government subsidies for people who can’t afford a gun!

Prosecute those who conspire to infringe upon our rights.*

There. So, what do you think Aishu? Will that help move the needle on this critical issue? Enjoy your trial.—Joe]

* Added at the suggestion of Tirno.


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Aishu Sritharan

  1. I’m not seeing the part about prosecuting conspirators against civil right using existing law.

    C’mon, Joe, you’re not really Doing Something in 2019 if you’re not promising to put your political opposition in prison under a flimsy pretext. At least this one is a promise you can start on day one of your presidency.

  2. Let’s demolish the premise that it will save lives.

    If hypothetically all law-abiding civilian-owned firearms were turned in without incident, the criminals would still be armed and would kill with impunity. It would also then be possible for the government to violently enforce a dictatorship. Verdict: Fail.

    Realistically, pissing on the Second Amendment and trying to seize firearms will ignite the Second American Civil War at worst or at best merely kill thousands of the citizens and police for its implementation since real Americans are feisty. Verdict: Massive fail.

  3. Skimmed just the first paragraph and it was so full of factual errors (i.e. lies) that I can discount everything this young lady has to say on the subject.

    Do they get a merit badge for ignorance on the subject before writing an article?

  4. I’m sorry, why should we care about what a foreigner thinks about our domestic policy and civil rights? If she is a bigot who doesn’t like our traditions and rights, she is free to leave at any time. IIRC, the Indians (dot, not feather) told the Brits to take a hike when they got tired of foreigners telling them how to run their lives.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    • Not clear if she’s foreign; her name is but that doesn’t tell us citizenship.
      But I did notice that she writes on a website with a sexist name.

      • She’s against basic American freedom and, as such, is not an American in spirit. May as well be a foreigner for all the difference that makes.

        • in other words, if she’s a foreign national, than her opinion is not our concern. If she’s a citizen she does not accept the premise of the “proposition nation,” and either disproves that notion or she should therefore should have her citizenship revoked for sedition. I’m OK with that, either way.

  5. I actually like his proposal, taken from the perspective of our side. I think we should make the “boldest possible proposal that will save the most lives and that will tell the opposition that we are not backing down on this issue.”. That is: dropping all laws and regulations that are making people less safe (IE: most gun regs). Demonstrably making people safer.

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